Hard Knocks Ep. 1: Hard To Watch

Hard Knocks is back and that means football is officially back. Each Wednesday, you will be blessed with my thoughts on the entire episode. Think of it as a bunch of live tweets in blog form. I know it is hard to pay attention to a show, read twitter, and tweet out your thoughts so … Continue reading Hard Knocks Ep. 1: Hard To Watch

#TinThoughts: Slumber Bowl

The Patriots once again are Super Bowl Champions. Ho hum. They beat the Rams 13-3 in one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory. The Rams were the second team ever to not score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. To show just how exciting it was, the Rams punted on their first … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Slumber Bowl

#TinThoughts: Bear Weather Is The Perfect Temperature

The Los Angeles Rams got a real taste of Bear Weather Sunday Night. The coddled California team stepped into Soldier Field and lost to the Bears 15-6 in front of 60,000 very warm, loud Chicagoans. As always, we start with Mitchell Trubisky. There is no beating around the bush here folks, QB1 looked awful. I … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Bear Weather Is The Perfect Temperature