#TinThoughts: The Saints Went Marching

The battered New Orleans Saints came to Chicago and absolutely manhandled the Chicago Bears on Sunday. It was truly embarrassing to be a Chicago Bears fan  as the Saints won 36-25. We are going to start by saying every single unit of the Chicago Bears looked pitiful. The defense let the Saints run all over … Continue reading #TinThoughts: The Saints Went Marching

#TinThoughts: In The Nick Of Time

The Chicago Bears took a major hit, depending who you ask, but still managed to win a pivotal divisional game at Soldier Field Sunday afternoon. The defense was up to their usual antics while Chase Daniel did exactly what he needed to secure a victory. To be completely honest with you, I truly don't have … Continue reading #TinThoughts: In The Nick Of Time

Should We Buy Into The Mitch Trubisky MVP Hype?

Mitch Trubisky is the most important human being in Chicago nowadays. Chicago will forever be a Bears city before anything. Everyone loves the Cubs, the Hawks took the city by storm for a hot second, picketers prefer to stand outside Gar/Pax’s office regularly, but nothing would light this city on fire like a Bears Super … Continue reading Should We Buy Into The Mitch Trubisky MVP Hype?