Which Cub Deserves A Statue Outside Of Wrigley?

The Cubs have kicked off the second half of the season. We all know this is when Joe Maddon’s Chicago Cubs hit the gas and take off...hopefully. That being said, this era of Cubs baseball is one that no one will forget. It is an era that will be immortalized at Wrigley Field with a … Continue reading Which Cub Deserves A Statue Outside Of Wrigley?

Dear Theo, Please Fix This…Now

I usually do not like to do this. I am not a fan of irrational hot takes before a season really gets underway. It pains me to make such a strong statement with 1.8% of the season completed but this window is closing fast. Here goes nothing... Theo Epstein, you need to fix this bullpen … Continue reading Dear Theo, Please Fix This…Now

2019 Resolutions For The Chicago Sports Fan

Welcome to resolution season, the time of the year where everyone promises to better themselves. The morale is sky high, the new gym shoes have been purchased, and the fridge is stocked with food that resembles your neighbor's garden. I don't have a problem with New Year's resolutions. Although most aren't followed through, sometimes it … Continue reading 2019 Resolutions For The Chicago Sports Fan

#TinThoughts: Kings Of The North

What a sweet, sweet victory Monday it is for Chicagoans on this brisk December morning. The Chicago Bears are your 2018 NFC North Champions. The Green Bay Packers have been eliminated from playoff contention. The tides have officially turned in the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry. How sweet it is folks. Mitch Trubisky shook off … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Kings Of The North