#TinThoughts: London Falling

The Chicago Bears traveled all the way to London to get their doors blown off by the Raiders 24-21 on Sunday. I know what you are thinking, "they lost by 3 points, I wouldn't call that getting their doors blown off". The score does not do justice for the pitiful performance the Bears brought to … Continue reading #TinThoughts: London Falling

#TinThoughts: Swing And A Miss

The Chicago Bears and New York Giants played in a very exciting game Sunday afternoon. The final result could be described as the opposite of that for the folks in Chicago. The Giants knocked off a Chase Daniel led Bears 30-27 in overtime. Let's start with the former Heisman candidate, Chase Daniel. He did not … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Swing And A Miss

Should We Be Concerned About Mitch Trubisky’s Shoulder?

Bears fans got to sit back, kick up their feet, and relax on Sunday. It was very nice. The Bears took care of business on Thanksgiving and now control their own destiny in the division. There was one little moment of concern after Mr. Schefter dropped this little nugget on Sunday. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1066674909219356673 This was kind … Continue reading Should We Be Concerned About Mitch Trubisky’s Shoulder?