#TinThoughts: Another Sunday, Another Embarassment

The offense was pathetic. The defense was sloppy. The Bears continue to be an embarrassment for the city of Chicago. If this seems like a weekly occurrence, that's because it is. Week in and week out the exact same things happen and LITERALLY nothing gets changed. They say insanity is doing the same thing over … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Another Sunday, Another Embarassment

#TinThoughts: London Falling

The Chicago Bears traveled all the way to London to get their doors blown off by the Raiders 24-21 on Sunday. I know what you are thinking, "they lost by 3 points, I wouldn't call that getting their doors blown off". The score does not do justice for the pitiful performance the Bears brought to … Continue reading #TinThoughts: London Falling

#TinThoughts: Bear Weather Is The Perfect Temperature

The Los Angeles Rams got a real taste of Bear Weather Sunday Night. The coddled California team stepped into Soldier Field and lost to the Bears 15-6 in front of 60,000 very warm, loud Chicagoans. As always, we start with Mitchell Trubisky. There is no beating around the bush here folks, QB1 looked awful. I … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Bear Weather Is The Perfect Temperature