#TinThoughts: Bears Win…Yippee

The Chicago Bears ended up being the prettier ugly human being on Sunday afternoon. They emerged victorious in a battle with the New York football Giants, 19-14. We will start on the defensive side of the ball, this was one of the better games of the year for Chicago's dominant unit. Khalil Mack had arguably … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Bears Win…Yippee

#TinThoughts: RIP To Your 2019 Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears hopped off the plane at LAX and blew multiple opportunities at their final shot at the playoffs while losing 17-7 while the nation watched. Just like that, the final nail has been put in the coffin of the 2019 Chicago Bears season. A win in Los Angeles would have put the Bears … Continue reading #TinThoughts: RIP To Your 2019 Chicago Bears

#TinThoughts: Another Sunday, Another Embarassment

The offense was pathetic. The defense was sloppy. The Bears continue to be an embarrassment for the city of Chicago. If this seems like a weekly occurrence, that's because it is. Week in and week out the exact same things happen and LITERALLY nothing gets changed. They say insanity is doing the same thing over … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Another Sunday, Another Embarassment