Which Movie Characters Could Fix The Cubs Problems?

Since the World Series championship in 2016, the Chicago Cubs have had multiple offseasons of disappointment. Signings that did not pan out as expected, failure to address needs, and straight-up bad signings have plagued the North Siders in recent years. For that reason, we are turning our focus to the fictional cinematic universe to finally fix … Continue reading Which Movie Characters Could Fix The Cubs Problems?

#TinThoughts: Another Sunday, Another Embarassment

The offense was pathetic. The defense was sloppy. The Bears continue to be an embarrassment for the city of Chicago. If this seems like a weekly occurrence, that's because it is. Week in and week out the exact same things happen and LITERALLY nothing gets changed. They say insanity is doing the same thing over … Continue reading #TinThoughts: Another Sunday, Another Embarassment