Ding-Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

The world has been very grim the last few months. COVID-19 has taken over our entire globe and shut down life as we know it. People are losing their jobs and loved ones at an astoundingly awful rate. There has not been much positive news to share.

In the Chicago sports world, the last few days have been reason to celebrate. For many years, Bulls fans have dealt with one of the most incompetent front office tandems in all of sports. #FireGarPax has been trending in Chicagoland for what seems like years on end. These two bozos have run this once proud franchise into the depths of obscurity. I could sit here and list all of their mistakes throughout the years but I do want you to continue on with your life at some point today.

Today is a day of celebration Chicago, Gar/Pax is finally dead.

I will give you a second to digest that. It seems the multiple billboards across Chicago have finally paid dividends Our national nightmare is finally over.

The Chicago Bulls are hiring Arturas Karnisovas as the new Vice President of Basketball Operations. Karnisovas most recently held the position of General Manager of the Denver Nuggets. This is the first outside hire to run basketball operations for the Bulls since Jerry Reinsdorf bought the team back in 1985.

Paxson and Gar Foreman are expected to assume different roles within the Bulls organization but will have no say in day to day basketball operations with the team. It is also safe to say Jim Boylen should use this time off to update his resume. It is expected that Karnisovas will bring in an entirely new staff which will make every Bulls player a much happier human being.

At the end of the day, it is always exciting when a franchise in peril decides to finally make the changes needed. The Bulls have not been the most enjoyable watch in the last few years. Here is to hoping the new Bulls regime can change that sentiment.

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