Reminder To Bulls Fans: Stay The Course

The Chicago Bulls won their first game of the month last night, beating the likely playoff bound Mavericks 109-107.

Coby White has been a spark plug for this team although ol Jimmy still won’t start him. LaVine has continued to do what he does best, put the ball in the bucket. Wendell Carter Jr. is finally coming back from injury. Things are actually starting to trend in the right direction for your Chicago Bulls.

I am here to keep your brain on track. Stay the course, root for losses. It is the only way anything significant will happen in the offseason.

I know it isn’t easy. You are so sick of all the losing. You just want to see a team that wins on the court. It gets exhausting rooting for a team you love to lose game in and game out but trust me here.

Do you want this guy as your coach next year?

Jim Boylen has continuously been bashed by his own players. They may not all be speaking out specifically but watch a Bulls game and take a look at the body language of these players. They hate playing for this bozo.

Speaking of clowns, how many years do you want to continue the #FireGarPax campaign? Are you sick of them yet? That is what I thought. Rooting for this Bulls team to win will only reassure the continuation of the #FireGarPax campaign until the day we all take our last breath on this Earth. There have been rumors of substantial change in the front office. The only way this happens is if the Bulls lose. We need more months like February.

There are 21 games left in this miserable season. A season that started with playoff hopes will now end with another lottery pick. If you prefer to float in this misery, then by all means root for victories. If you want this house cleaned, I suggest you follow suit and root for utter embarrassment each and every night.

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