The One Artist They Should Bring Out At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

For those living under a rock, the Super Bowl is set to take place this Sunday in the great city of Miami. The halftime show will be performed by none other than Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

While neither of them have any ties to Miami, they are both known for their Latina background. Miami has a strong Latin presence so it only makes sense to have two of the most electric Latina performers of all time take the stage while an entire nation watches.

Miami is known for its flair. Take a walk down the streets and you will see folks dressed like they are ready to board a yacht filled with daiquiris and Daddy Yankee music blasting through the speakers. Miami is filled with an energy that cannot be described in words, you have to be there to experience it.

With that being said, there are plenty of musical artists from Miami that could be brought on stage to perform with Shakira and JLo.

The first that comes to mind is obviously Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull. Let’s be honest, I think all of America would be legitimately shocked if he does not find his way on stage come Sunday. Personally, I would lose it if this is what he came out and sang.

Another “artist” that will definitely find his way into the spotlight one way or another is DJ Khaled. I am not going to list a song I would like him to play because let’s be honest he does not sing any songs. He just produces and then inserts himself by yelling obnoxiously in the background. ANOTHA ONE.

I mean it would be rude of me to have this list and not include the artist who created his entire persona off the great state of Florida. Flo Rida should come out and play this song right as the show starts to remind everyone where they are.

He should then rip off his shirt and point to this ridiculous tattoo he has on his back.


A true masterpiece.

Now if we wanted to set the mood a bit and break out the lighters, we would invite Miami native Enrique Iglesias. While he was born in Spain, Enrique attended University of Miami. One would imagine he watched his alma mater play in the exact stadium the Super Bowl is being played in. Obviously, Enrique would play this song to get all the ladies swooning over him.

Let’s just be honest here, playing that song in the middle of a Super Bowl halftime show would be one of the worst decisions in NFL history. That is saying a lot.

The problem here is none of these songs really talk about the city of Miami. Sure, it would be great to have someone from Miami come out to perform but we need something that exemplifies what this town is all about. Thankfully, a man from West Philadelphia would provide just that.

The lights go dark. The world is expecting “Jenny From The Block” or “Hips Don’t Lie” to kickoff the show. All of the sudden the beat drops and out walks one of the most beloved artists in Hollywood. Will Smith. The stadium would erupt. Super Bowl parties around the country would turn into a dance party.

Who would have thought a man from West Philadephia born and raised was the artist that created a song that perfectly exemplified one of the most latin infused cities in the country?

Party in the city where the heat is on.

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