Are The Chicago Cubs Punting On The 2020 Season?

The day is January 6th, 2020. It is the first Monday in the office in what seems like months. I am minding my own business, mindlessly scrolling through Twitter as that is the only thing that keeps me sane while chained to my cubicle.

It is an escape from reality for me. I spend time taking in everything my timeline has to offer, it mostly focuses on sports. As most of you know, the sports world never sleeps so the news cycle leaves me with endless entertainment. While scrolling for the 83rd time of the day, the most depressing tweet I have seen this decade garnered my attention:

Now that you have seen that, take a look again. Your eyes did not deceive you, the Cubs have spent $0 this season. The Chicago Cubs are worth just over 3 BILLION DOLLARS. They did not make the playoffs last year and they haven’t spent a penny you find on the sidewalk on Ashland.

I understand the penalties for repeat offenders of the luxury tax threshold. I understand the Cubs have been supposedly working to shred payroll for weeks now. I understand the Kris Bryant grievance hearing is taking longer than expected. I get all of that but that doesn’t mean I cannot be mad as a Cubs fan.

This team has glaring holes that need to be addressed, meanwhile every single free agent will be signed by the time the Cubs figure this out. What happens if they are unable to shed payroll? Are we going to head into 2020 with the exact same roster that fell short in 2019? The answer to that question is no.

The Cubs would actually head into 2020 with a roster with less than the 2019 team. Cole Hamels is no longer the 5th starter. Ben Zobrist is not there to play 2nd base. One of the more reliable relievers in a their mess of a bullpen in recent years, Pedro Strop, is currently a free agent. The Cubs have had a hole in the leadoff spot since Dexter Fowler signed with the arch enemy, addressing that hole seems like too much to ask nowadays.

I am not asking for much. I don’t wan t the Cubs to go out and blow a ton of cash on Nick Castellanos. I just want some players to fill these holes. I want something more than $0 spent with a few months before the season starts. I want this front office to show us they aren’t just punting on 2020 to spend in 2021.

Maybe I am being impatient, maybe there is more to all of this. Maybe the Cubs have a lot ready to fire once Kris Bryant’s appeal gets denied. The only issue is I have no reason to believe they do. There has been zero vote of confidence from  the front office this season. It really is just a shame. A few years ago, we were all thinking this could be the start of something great. Since that wondrous night in November of 2016, it has been nothing but a disappointment.

The optimistic fan in me will hope that these holes get filled by the start of the season. I will continue to believe in this core because they deserve my faith. Tom Ricketts, do something please. I cannot fathom an entire summer of disappointment at this point in time.

For the sanity of Chicago, please make a move.

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