#TinThoughts: Another Wonderful Trip Up To Lambeau…

The 2019 Chicago Bears were officially laid to rest on a frozen Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin. The Bears last second heroics fell short as they lost 21-13 in Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers.

The Bears had hoped to sneak into the playoffs and reach the postseason in back to back seasons for the first time since 05-06. If you were curious, the Patriots just clinched its 11th straight trip to the playoffs…

This Bears season was one of the more embarrassing in franchise history. The most recent surge of promise serves as nothing but a mask to a hideous showing by a supposed Super Bowl contender.

Mitch Trubisky looked once again just okay. He showed some flashes of brilliance while showing some flashes of incompetence. The Bears need to bring in quarterback help for 2020 if they plan to have any sort of success. When looking at his progression as a quarterback, please do not be blinded by the recent stretch of decent play. Remember just how bad Mitchell was during the crucial point of the season, he is not the quarterback of the future for this franchise. Another season of Mitch/Nagy at the helm will drive Bears fans to the bottle.

One player that has shown they should be a big part of the offense in the 2020 season is Anthony Miller.  He reached the 100 yard mark for the 2nd time in 3 games. Moving forward, the Bears at least have two dependable receivers in Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller.

The Bears have about zero dependable offensive lineman moving forward. That unit STINKS. Absolutely stinks. The run game cannot get going because of this line. Mitch is constantly feeling pressure because of this line. The entire offense fails because of the incompetence of this unit. I said it before, they deserve more blame than they have been given. This NEEDS to be an entirely revamped group come next summer or else this team is doomed.

I laid this team to rest a few weeks ago, the final shovel of dirt was put on top of the casket on Sunday. The few weeks of optimism were fun while they lasted. They at least made it interesting up until the final weeks of the season. I thank them for that.

There are a lot of question marks moving forward. Matt Nagy needs to relinquish play calling duties. The offensive line needs to be fixed. At the absolute minimum, there needs to be a competition at the quarterback position. Bring in a veteran to be the starter or bring in someone to push Mitch. Some key players are set to enter free agency.

We put the future of the franchise in the hands of Ryan Pace. I am unsure of how to feel about that as he has made some good decisions and some horrendous decisions. Let’s just thank God this season is finally over, now onto the negative temperature winter.

At least we have the Chicago Bulls….

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