#TinThoughts: Are The Bears Good?

The Dallas Cowboys came into the Windy City to suffer a defeat at the hands of the RED HOT Chicago Bears Thursday night, 31-24.

The Chicago Bears looked like the team all of Chicago expected coming into the 2019 season. This team has won 3 straight games, albeit against inferior opponents, and now have an outside shot at the playoffs.

I am going to be honest, this team has put my brain into an Oktoberfest sized pretzel. Just a few weeks on this very site, I declared the Chicago Bears dead. Optimism has taken over the city of Chicago and playoff talk is hot in the street.

Let’s get into the game a bit. Mitch Trubisky has truly looked like a different quarterback these last few weeks. It truly is insane how much a little confidence goes for #10. Thursday’s night Mitch Trubisky could take the Bears to the Super Bowl. Mitch needs to overcome his mental fears and channel that swagger he had in Chicago on Thursday. He was placing throws wherever he wanted, making plays with his feet, and being the offensive leader we all hoped for. While we all are high on Mitch, just remember how poorly he has played the rest of the season. Remember, this is not the long term answer folks. Stay the course.

Matt Nagy’s play calling all of the sudden is that of the offensive guru we expected when there is a little confidence in the quarterback. As I stated earlier, this team has put my brain into a pretzel. It is wild to see the difference this offense has when everyone has just a bit of confidence.

The defense once again showed up, no surprise there. Roquan Smith tearing his pectoral will be a huge loss as now the Bears will be without their two interior linebackers moving forward. Akiem Hicks is set to return next week as that will be a great boost to a now hurting defensive unit.

How should we feel going forward? As stated, I declared this team dead. I am not ready to say the playoffs are going to happen but optimism is shining through the window. The door for the season is still firmly shut, there is a glimmer of light shining through the door window. It feels warm, it is very welcoming. The Cowboys have beaten no one good and are being exposed for the fraud team they are. If the Bears beat the Packers next week, I will then allow myself to crack that door open. We will let optimism back in the house.

Until then, I will just be happy for Mitch. I had his back for a long, long time. It is good to see him flourish after the disappointing season he has had. Nothing like a HUGE Bears/Packers game late in the season. Let’s just fast forward to Sunday.

Bear down.


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