#TinThoughts: Bears Win…Yippee

The Chicago Bears ended up being the prettier ugly human being on Sunday afternoon. They emerged victorious in a battle with the New York football Giants, 19-14.

We will start on the defensive side of the ball, this was one of the better games of the year for Chicago’s dominant unit. Khalil Mack had arguably his best game of the season coming off arguably his worst game of the season. Mack had 4 tackles, a strip sack that led to a Bears score, and 5 quarterback pressures. It was nice to see #52 once again causing chaos on a Sunday afternoon. We also need to give a round of applause to Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. He finished the game with a team leading 5 tackles and seemed to be involved in almost every play. The defense also held Saquon Barkley to 59 yards on the ground, hand clap for that folks!

Now onto the most polarizing athlete in Chicago, Mitch Trubisky. Mitch did what is always asked of him on Sunday, be average. He made some good plays, he made some bad plays. He used his legs to his advantage. His receivers decided catching the ball was not in their best interest. There was also a long reception by Allen Robinson overturned to a HORRENDOUS hands to the face call. This is the Mitch that Bears fans were at minimum hoping for all season.

We are not going to spend any time ripping on Matt Nagy today. This may be a first this season but he actually called a solid game. You are out of the Chicago media crosshairs for a few days Matthew, soak it in.

I know the Bears offense has been one of the most embarrassing offenses in NFL history but there has been one bright spot. His name is Allen Robinson. If we can take anything from this year’s underwhelming offense, it’s that Allen Robinson is a #1 receiver in the NFL. The big fella had 6 catches for 131 yards and 1 touchdown. The veteran quarterback that gets this Bears jobs next season, fingers crossed, will have a dependable, premier toy waiting.

Lastly, I had a revelation while watching this game yesterday. The entire media landscape has focused all of their hate and disdain towards a few people within the Bears organization. Matt Nagy, Mitch Trubisky, and even Ryan Pace have been the targets for criticism this season. There is one unit of players who has seamlessly flown under the radar. This unit is more to blame than any of the three people listed above. The offensive line should buy Mitch Trubisky a Porsche for Christmas. They are not getting near the criticism they deserve. If they were semi competent, the Bears could be thinking about the playoffs right now. The Bears running game cannot get going because there are no holes to run through. This forces Nagy to throw the ball more than he would like. Mitch has less time than he should because this offensive line continues to get shredded week in and week out. This leads to him overthinking and performing terribly. It all starts with the offensive line and they aren’t getting the hate they deserve.

The Bears won a football game again, cool. At this point in the season, it really doesn’t matter. I prefer to see them get the doors blown off each and every single game. Finishing 7-9 or 6-10 isn’t enough for change to become a necessity. From here on out, I want embarrassing losses. I want to finish the season 5-11. Force Pace to make extreme changes, without them this team is mediocre at best next season. Mediocre finishes leads to minimal changes, don’t believe me? Take a quick look down the street at the bozos running the Chicago Bulls.

Bear down.

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