#TinThoughts: RIP To Your 2019 Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears hopped off the plane at LAX and blew multiple opportunities at their final shot at the playoffs while losing 17-7 while the nation watched.

Just like that, the final nail has been put in the coffin of the 2019 Chicago Bears season. A win in Los Angeles would have put the Bears right into the thick of the playoff race. An entire city would have been filled with optimism. Fans had already been discussing the path to sneak back into the playoffs. Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears took that door and slammed it firmly shut.

We can start with the Mitch Trubisky “injury”. Do I believe he hurt his hip? Yes. Once again, Matt Nagy has zero wherewithal on a situation. Mitch hurt his hip before the end of the first half. This is something the head coach should be aware of the second it happens. Instead, Matt Nagy uses his now immobile quarterback to run an option play on a 3rd and short in the third quarter. He then decides it is time to take out his quarterback in the 4th quarter after the game is out of hand. God forbid the Bears just hand the ball off and deal with the injury after the game. That is not how Nagy does things. He enjoys creating the biggest storm possible, let’s make the Bears look even more pathetic than they already do on the field.

The worst part about all of this is Mitch did not even play that poorly. He had his usual mistakes but this wasn’t even close to a bad game for #10. I am convinced if the game was within reach, Mitch would not have come out of the game. You either take Mitch out at half when the game is still in reach or you ride your quarterback for the remainder of the game. You do not take him out at the end of the game when it seems you are basically benching him for his performance at that point. Get a clue Matt Nagy, one time for us please.

Overall, this offense continues to disappoint week after week. They have failed to gain 300 yards in 9 of their 10 games. They have failed to score more than 16 points in 6 out of 10 games. They had 0 points at halftime for the 3rd time in the last 6 games. The defense hasn’t been as elite has last season but when your offense puts up those types of numbers I am surprised the defense even takes the field.

The defense played outstanding, it was truly a waste of a performance by the offensive side of the ball. They forced 3 and outs almost every single drive. They gave the Bears offense gift turnovers but the offense just decided to head straight back to the store to return them without really trying them on. It was nice to see Roquan Smith remember how to play the game of football, good to see ya kid.

It is also time to once again hold kicking tryouts at Halas Hall this week. Matt Nagy’s faith or lack of faith in Eddy Piniero once again cost them 9 points on Sunday. 2 missed field goals and a 4th down attempt in field goal range all amounting to 0 points. The Bears kicking carousel continues to go round and round. How fun.

Going forward, it is best to root for the Bears to lose every single game from here on out. The Bears do not have a 1st round draft pick but we are rooting for change. If the Bears lose out or continue to get embarrassed, the franchise will be forced to make significant changes. Matt Nagy either needs to be fired or given a competent offensive coordinator to call plays. Mitch Trubisky needs to find a nice piece of pine on the bench and allow a new quarterback an attempt at salvaging this defense.

Until then, enjoy watching Jeff Driskel versus Chase Daniel on Thanksgiving folks!

Bear down…

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