#TinThoughts: Dumb And Dumber

I had an idea of how this post would go early last week. My plan was to point out how running the ball actually worked. I was going to congratulate David Montgomery for finally getting his first 100 yard game of the season. Most importantly, I was going to tell everyone to calm down. The Chargers are not a good football team, let’s not act like the Bears are back because of a win at home against a measly opponent…

Please, do not calm down one bit. Every reaction you currently have is beyond warranted. I usually do not like overreactions based off one game but if you want to burn Soldier Field to the ground then I will not stand in your way.

The Bears blew a chance to turn their season around Sunday afternoon in Chicago. Eddy Pineiro missed a game winning field goal as time expired. The Chargers left town with a 17-16 victory.

We can start with Mitch then move on to the real problem here. Mitch was not very great on Sunday. He continues to turn the ball over and miss open receivers. If you are still holding out hope for him at this point, God bless your soul. Your patience will serve you well as a parent. His 4th quarter fumble led to the Chargers game winning touchdown. He seems to play well in the hurry up offense yet Matt Nagy decides to not run that more often. Why you ask? I have no answers for anything the head coach does anymore at this point.

On to the head coach, this guy needs to take a long walk around Lake Michigan. Not just on the lakeshore path, I want him to walk around the entire lake. That is how long I think it will take him to clear his mind. This man is supposed to be some offensive guru yet the Bears had five trips inside the 20 yard line and walked away with 0 touchdowns. The Bears had 6 plays within the 5 yard line to score a touchdown, they walked away with one field goal. 1st and goal from the 1 while your running back is eating up yards like he is at an all you can eat buffet? Matt Nagy thinks this is a good time to pass the ball. The man has absolutely zero confidence in the offense he is calling plays for. Eddy Pineiro missed a 33 yard field goal earlier in the game. The Bears have the ball on the opponents 21 yard line with 40 second left and a timeout. Instead of gain some more yards for your kicker who already missed a field goal, the Bears take a knee. Eddy misses the game winning field goal.

When asked about this decision, Matt Nagy informs the media there was “zero thought” on running or passing the ball to gain more yards. He also said we were “wasting our time talking about it”. WASTING OUR TIME TALKING ABOUT IT?!?!?! Go take a hike Matt. This was another bonehead decision by you that cost the Bears a football game. Don’t tell the media it is a waste of time to talk about your decision. When will this moron learn how to handle the media? Take some ownership one fucking time. Instead of saying there was no thought, maybe say it was the wrong decision. Quit calling the plays in fear of something going wrong and maybe you will have some god damn success.

I’ll say one nice thing, David Montgomery is a stud. Congrats to him for tipping the century mark on the game. He deserves more carries.

At this point, I don’t know where the Bears go from here. The Bears do not have much room to make a ton of moves this offseason. This is where Ryan Pace needs to step up and make some moves. Hire an offensive coordinator who can call the plays. You cannot allow Matt Nagy to continue calling plays. He clearly has shown all his success in Kansas City was because of Andy Reid. While you are at it, hire him a PR coach over the offseason. Maybe include an accountability coach as well. It may be best for this ship to continue to sink for the Bears. A record of 8-8 or 7-9 would lead to some hope going into next season. A putrid season as a whole will force Ryan Pace’s hand and force him to make some tough decisions. Find someone who can manage this offense at quarterback and have him start game 1 next season. I don’t care how cheap Mitch is, this defense is going to waste. Mitch and Matt Nagy have become Dumb and Dumber in Chicago. The entire country is laughing at a football team that we expected to be a Super Bowl contender.

I guess we may as well join in the laughter, what else can we do?

Bear down.

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