#TinThoughts: London Falling

Bears Raiders Football

The Chicago Bears traveled all the way to London to get their doors blown off by the Raiders 24-21 on Sunday. I know what you are thinking, “they lost by 3 points, I wouldn’t call that getting their doors blown off”. The score does not do justice for the pitiful performance the Bears brought to the pitch across the pond.

Before we get into the actual game, I have an issue with the NFL. Every single London game needs to start before America has even rolled out of bed. We should wake up with the sight of all those blokes wearing random NFL jerseys. It is a shame the NFL decided to play this game at noon. I hope they hear all the complaints across the country and never do this again. End of beginning of rant.

Now onto the game, gross. That is the adjective I will choose to describe this game. The defense got absolutely dominated by a Derek Carr led offense. I shouldn’t say Derek Carr led this offense, the Raiders won this game by controlling the game on the ground. The Bears defensive line got close to zero pressure and the Raiders took advantage of that. The Bears allowed 169 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns Sunday afternoon, quantity 3 rushing touchdowns. The loss of Akiem Hicks clearly hurt but we are not in the excuse making business here. They were able to create a couple turnovers but could not step up when it mattered most. The Bears had a 4 point lead and the Raiders had the ball on their own 3 yard line. The best defense in the NFL allowed Oakland to march 97 yards down the field and score a touchdown to win the game. I understand these games are going to happen with the defense but ideally they do not happen when your backup QB cannot get anything going on offense.

Can we please stop with the Chase Daniel should start over Mitch Trubisky narrative? Thank you. Chase once again showed why he is a backup quarterback. Besides the 3rd quarter, the offense looked absolutely pitiful and could be the weakest unit on this team. Chase threw multiple bad interceptions. The offensive line got absolutely pulverized by the Raiders D. The rushing game managed a whopping 42 yards.

The Bears got outplayed in every single facet of the game Sunday, simple as that.

There were a couple bright spots. Allen Robinson is a legitimate #1 wide receiver. I love what I have seen from him this season and I hope he can continue this production. Anthony Miller bounced back from a costly 3rd down drop to actually have himself a nice little game. It would be nice for him to take another step in his career and become receiver the Bears drafted in the 2nd round.

Overall, this game was hard to watch. The Bears now go into the bye with a 3-2 record with a gauntlet of a schedule facing them on the other side. This was a game you wanted to steal with the Saints, Chargers, Eagles, Lions, and Rams staring you down after some much needed rest. All things considered, this is still a very good football team. We are not going to overreact and say the season is finished. The Bears went 1-1 with a backup QB and Akiem Hicks missing. The boys are going to have to put on their big boy pants and beat some tough opponents. It’s a tall task but it is time to put your faith in the Monsters of the Midway. Until then, spend the next week sulking in this pitiful loss.

Bear down.

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