Which Parks And Rec Characters Would Fit In At Dunder Mifflin?

Pawnee, Indiana. Scranton, Pennsylvania. Home to two of the greatest groups of employees ever to be assembled on television. 

Every once in awhile, network television knocks it out of the park. NBC had two of the biggest cult following fanbases strapped to their televisions for years. Now they have those same fanbases using their shows as the comforting sounds putting them to sleep each night. 

The Office and Parks and Recreation are two of the greatest comedy series of our generation. Parks and Rec was written by Greg Daniels. He also developed The Office while being based off the original BBC Series. These series have created some of the more memorable characters in recent memory: Leslie Knope, Michael Scott, Ron Swanson, Dwight Schrute. You guys know the shows, I don’t know why I am sitting here explaining this to you. 

With these shows often being debated as to which is better, I started to think about which characters would fit in the other show. Majority of people think the Office is the superior show so I thought it would be best to think of what Parks characters would fit in at Dunder Mifflin. Without further adieu, here are a couple of the characters I think would fit in just swimmingly. We all know these characters would get into debauchery so I had to add that as well.

Leslie Knope steps in as the office manager of Dunder Mifflin. Michael Scott does not like that there is another authoritative figure in the office. Instead of Michael deciding on new chairs or a new printer, this decision is now put in the hands of Leslie Knope. After a while, the employees of the Office start respecting Leslie more than Michael. Michael starts to fear that Leslie is going to overtake him as manager so he takes drastic measures. In an act of retribution and oddly enough self promotion, Michael allows Meredith Palmer to strike him with her car. Meredith had obviously been drinking on the job so she takes this a bit too seriously. Michael’s grand scheme to gain some sympathy from the Office leads to tragedy. This “accident” put Michael in a coma. He no longer remembers how to run an Office. When he returns to Dunder Mifflin, he is no longer his funny, sarcastic self that his coworkers grew to love. He rules Dunder Mifflin with an iron fist. Dwight loves this new assertive Michael and becomes his right hand man. He thinks they will together rule the Office! Sadly, the Office does not like this one bit and decides to go on strike until Leslie is promoted to manager.  Michael resumes his position as a lowly salesman but along the way he remembers who he was. His humor starts to flourish once again and his charming personality starts to shine. This allows Michael to skyrocket his way back up to the top and eventually become Assistant Regional Manager to Leslie Knope. 

Andy Dwyer never really had a ton of skills. He wasn’t born to sit at a desk, he was born to be in the warehouse with the guys. For years, Andy Dwyer would toil away in the back and not really make much of an impact besides knocking over a few things. That is until Andy Dwyer overhears the commotion when Robert California decides to bring in his own band and kick Andy Bernard, Kevin, and Darryl to the curb. Being the lead singer of Mouse Rat, he brings the rejected bandmates together to form a rival band. A battle of the bands ensues in the warehouse with the members of Dunder Mifflin reigning supreme. 

Jerry Gergich and Kevin Malone are often misunderstood. Kevin is used to people calling him stupid and even sometimes thinking he is mentally handicapped. Jerry is the constant punching bag at Pawnee with many of his coworkers not even bothering to learn his real name. Jerry Jerry arrives at Dunder Mifflin, trips over his shoes, and Kevin instantly knows Jerry is going to be his pal. They bond over their love of music. Jerry talks of how he swoons his lovely wife Gayle nightly by tickling the ivory keys at his lovely home. Kevin talks about how he just loves to rock and boasts about the 17 people in attendance at the 16th Annual Scranton Oktoberfest show. These two don’t really have some grand conclusion. I just think they would get along with their general demeanor towards life. 

Ron Swanson knows everything about the outdoors. That is until he meets the greatest beet farmer this side of the Mississippi, Dwight Schrute. Ron Swanson obviously does not care one bit about beets. Beets are in fact vegetables and Ron does not waste his time with such things in the ground. Ron goes on to tell Dwight he prefers animals that are killed and then slaughtered to be eaten. Being the farmer Dwight is, he takes the time to sit and educate Ron on the benefits of vegetables. Ron does not care to listen at first but Dwight thinks of another way to get to him. He has heard through the grapevine that Ron loves scotch whiskey. He decides to get him drunk and let him pour his emotions out. It turns out as a young boy, Ron was raised in a vegetarian household. He fled his home at the age of 14 and vowed to never touch “those damn plants in the ground ever again”. Dwight takes this intel and pitches an idea to open a restaurant “Beets and Eats”. Ron agrees to this idea but still vows to never touch a vegetable. The two continuously argue while owning the restaurant and eventually Ron burns the place to the ground trying to get the perfect char on his 72 ounce porterhouse. 

Tom Haverford is all about pop culture. Kelly Kapoor loves everything pop culture. She is all about fashion. Tom Haverford considers himself an extremely stylish dresser. Kelly finds true love at last. Ryan Howard can finally breathe after years of listening to Kelly chit chat about anything under the sun. Tom and Kelly spend the rest of their lives talking to one another but not listening to a word the other has to say. They ride off into the sunset hosting E!’s Red Carpet for every awards show for the rest of time.

Imagine a world where they did a reunion of both of these shows but combined them into one. This would cost an obnoxious amount of money to pay these now megastars but I imagine the script would read exactly as I have imagined above. 

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