#TinThoughts: Thank You Case Keenum

Case Keenum is god awful. The Bears defense is still out of this world. As my friend Dominic Torretto once said “it don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning’s winning.

Let’s start with the man under center, Mitch Trubisky. Overall, I am going to give him a grade of a B-. Although it was against the Redskins, 3 touchdowns are 3 touchdowns. The touchdown throw to Taylor Gabriel down the sideline made me feel funny in my pants. The interception on the attempted Allen Robinson fade made me feel absolutely nothing in my pants. Mitch made some great throws, Mitch continued with some inaccurate throws. He seemed to flourish in the no huddle offense and I hope Nagy continues that next week versus Minnesota. In order for me to start truly believing in Mitch, I am going to need to see him compete next week versus a division rival. Make your throws and most importantly do not turn the ball over. This defense is good enough to win games as long as the offense just manages the game. Simple as that.

Speaking of the defense, they are still just such bad mamma jammas. Chicago loves a good defense and this is one you can bring home to your mother to meet the family. Everything about this unit is just beautiful. Khalil Mack absolutely loves the spotlight. Imagine being a team that traded someone as good as Khalil Mack. L.O.L. Kyle Fuller has gone from a 1st round bust to an All Pro cornerback. He had 8 interceptions in his first 48 games, he has 9 interceptions in his last 19 games. We know the Redskins suck but it was fantastic to see this defense continue to get pressure throughout the entire game.

Now it is time to point out some things that were not great from your Chicago Bears. The beginning of the game was as sloppy as the joe you receive from the cafeteria lady. Nonstop penalties on each side of the ball. A better team will take advantage of these pentalies, going to need to clean that up. I also did not like how the running game was never really established. In order to keep this historical defense fresh, you are going to need to give them rest on the sideline. One way to do that is to eat up some clock on the ground. David Montgomery showed at the end of the game that he is capable of eating some yards and some clock. Let’s feed that kid the ball and get the ground game established early. Lastly, the Bears let that game get too close for comfort. I would have liked to have seen them step on the Redskins throat. This team is not proven enough this year to ease up.

The Redskins are just really a bad team. Jay Gruden is going to be out of a job real quick here. The Bears are going to need to play their best game of the season next week when the Vikings come into town. I hope they can build on this win and put everything together next week.

As always, Bear down.

P.S. Get healthy Eddy, it hurts my heart to see you hurt muchacho.

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