Attention: Your 2019 Chicago Cubs Savior Has Arrived

The 2019 Chicago Cubs are a modern day version of Rocky Balboa. They started from nothing back in 2015, achieved the highest glory in 2016, and are now clawing their way back to stardom. They faced Goliath and changed the world just like Rocky did while beating Drago. The Cubs are no longer being considered for title fights anymore, they are  in the midst of a street fight with Tommy Gunn.

The front office has swung and missed dearly on some free agent signings. The player that keeps you tuning in each night is currently rehabbing just to be back for the hopeful playoffs. The former MVP is dealing with knee issues and had to receive a cortisone shot in his knee. Their all-star catcher came back early from a hamstring issue and is still having trouble playing day after day. Even the Cubs much hated backup shortstop is in concussion protocol. On top of it all, the Cubs went up to Milwaukee this past week and lost 3 of 4 to the rival Brewers. The Cubs sat 4.5 games behind the Cardinals going into their series in San Diego. Many fans gave up a while ago, the outlook for a division title looked grim.

That is until their 2018 first round pick received a call of a lifetime while sitting on his couch at home with his parents.

Enter, Chicago’s savior, Nico Hoerner.

The Chicago Cubs were forced to play a hand that did not want to Monday morning. With all of the above issues, they were forced to call up their 2nd baseman of the future. Nico Hoerner is the most exciting prospect in the Cubs farm system in my opinion. He spent all season with the Cubs Double A affiliate. He spent a significant time this season sidelined after being hit on the wrist. After returning to finish the season, he had plans to play in the Arizona Fall League for the Mesa Solar Sox. Safe to say those plans changed just a bit.

He is the definition of a ball player. He is a contact hitter who doesn’t like striking out. He plays an exceptional middle infield. He looks like he came out of the womb ready to stretch a double into a triple.

On Monday night, Nico Hoerner did just that. He finished the night with 3 hits, including a triple, 4 RBIs, and a few very nice plays at shortstop. Nico Hoerner literally went from watching the Cubs on his couch on Sunday night to having opposing fans chant his name in San Diego on Monday night.

The Chicago Cubs needed this. They need something to energize this club. Nick Castellanos can only do so much at this point. A young, energetic kid that knows nothing about MLB pressure is exactly what the doctor ordered.

My friend Barstool Carl is known for handing out beefs to players/people he thinks have carried the team. I would like to debut a new title I will now be presenting players. You see, I am now 29 years old. Sadly, a lot of the stars in sports today are younger than me. Therefore, this allows me to refer to these stars as kids. I love it. My new crown will be titled: Can somebody get this kid a happy meal?!?!

If you do not know what I am referring to then please stop reading this. Go look into the mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. Really question why you do not know what I am talking about. Do you really not know one of the more famous lines of one of the more famous comedic actors of the 90s?  Please go turn on your TV and watch Big Daddy.

Ok, glad to have you back. From this point forward, whenever an athlete younger than me does something exceptional that I think deserves a happy meal we will be asking that question. To be fair, getting a happy meal as a child is like having an attractive lady come hit on you at the bar. There are few things at that age that make you feel better.

Let me make one thing clear, I do not expect Nico Hoerner to all of the sudden turn into Mike Trout. He will grind out at bats, gain some experience, and most importantly put his head down and play ball. This 2019 Cubs season has been an absolute roller coaster filled with mostly disappointment. Odds are that the Cubs will go on a run and then get swept by the Cardinals to rip our hearts out once more. For now, I will live in bliss thinking the presence of Nico Hoerner alone will lift this team to new levels.

It’s the NL Central or bust. Strap in folks.

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