#TinThoughts: Pathetic


Pathetic (adjective):

1: having a capacity to move one to either compassionate or contemptuous pity
2: marked by sorrow or melancholy : SAD
3: pitifully inferior or inadequate

That is the only way I can start this. What a pathetic excuse of a game that was for the Chicago Bears.

Before we get into a rant on the million things that went wrong, I am going to start off your Friday with some positives.

The defense is still one of the best in the league. The critics were convinced this unit would take a step back under Pagano, I can proudly say they will be wrong. They held Rodgers to just over 200 yards passing and 1 touchdown. Roy Robert Harris was a monster and was consistently causing mayhem in the backfield. This defense will keep them in the playoff hunt the entire season.

Allen Robinson looked like a bonafide #1 receiver catching 7 balls for 102 yards. He was snatching pretty much everything thrown his way. This is what you like to see after an offseason of being 100% healthy.

David Montgomery looked like he will be a legitimate running back in this league, we will get more into him later.

Lastly, Eddie Piniero made a field goal. Yippee.

Now, here we go with my rant.

What the fuck was that offense? You had an entire offseason to gameplan for the Green Bay Packers revamped defense and that is what you come up with?

Before I get into the playcalling, Mitch was not good at all. If the Bears are going to go anywhere this season, he needs to play so much better than he did. He should have had multiple interceptions. Missing receivers left and right, uncomfortable in the pocket, and making a bonehead throw to kill any sort of comeback in the 4th quarter. I am not going to call for his head just yet but he needs to figure this out quick or it is going to get very ugly.

While we are at it, I don’t want to hear a word about the Bears offensive failures blamed on their lack of participation in the preseason. There will be plenty of teams this weekend that perform just fine after not taking a single snap before the season started.

In my opinion, the blame for this loss falls straight onto Matt Nagy. Mitch Trubisky threw the ball 45 times, the Bears ran the ball 15 times. While the game was within striking distance, the Bears went 30 play without a run from one of the trio of running backs. THIRTY STRAIGHT PLAYS!! Tarik Cohen did not get a single carry all game. The Bears shiny new toy, David Montgomery, touched the ball 8 times.

The Bears had two 3rd and short positions to keep the drive going. One playcall was a trick play gone wrong that led to Trubisky getting brought down in the backfield. The other was Cordarelle Patterson attempting to rush the ball up the middle for a loss. The net gain on two 3rd and short plays, -2 yards. You have two running backs who were brought in to run between the tackles and a quarterback who can fall forward to gain a yard and those are the plays chosen.

The Bears are driving in the 3rd quarter to tie the game and they receive not only one but two delay of games calls. Instead of attempting a 51 yard field goal to put the game within 1 point, the Bears decide to go for it on 4th and 10. For those who didn’t watch, Piniero made a 58 yard field goal in the preseason…

This was just an abysmal display of offense from this team on a national stage. Matt Nagy and company now have 9 days to prepare for another good defense in Denver. The altitude is known to mess with visiting players so I hope to God someone prepares for that.

I am not going to get on top of the mountain and say this season is over. I hate people who overreact after 1 game. That being said, the Bears offense needs to come out guns blazing in Denver. They need to figure this out. Mitch needs to progress. Things need to change and quick.

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