Hard Knocks Episode 5: Goodbyes Are Never Easy

The worst part about Hard Knocks is the final episode usually is spoiled for the diehard sports fan. Constantly opening Twitter has its downfalls. It cripples relationships but that is a story for another time. You end up finding out about who gets cut before the final episode airs. It happens every year. 

A boastful person would brag about how they called Keelan Doss getting cut weeks ago but I am not that type of person. Instead, I will randomly copy/paste a paragraph from a random Hard Knocks recap I wrote some time ago. This is completely random, here is the one that got selected: 

Hometown hero, undrafted wide receiver Keelan Doss has heartbreak story written all over him. He was undrafted, played well in the first preseason game, and had tons of family and friends at the game. We all know that each season HBO enjoys ripping their viewier’s hearts out. I am not saying it is going to happen, but as Scar once told us….be prepared.

A boastful person would brag, I just reposted a random paragraph. That’s all. 

Jon Gruden informed us all that he has practiced for years counting down by 3’s. I felt dumb I couldn’t do that, I still feel dumb but not for that reason. Gruden jamming out to some Metallica is just perfect. Gruden’s Grooves on Mike and Mike was a can’t miss segment. Every week Gruden coming on and gushing over some classic rock. You just love it man. 

Antonio Brown may be a pain off the field but he is still damn good inside the lines. 

We finally saw Josh Jacobs! The rookie running back from Alabama is in fact on the Raiders. 

I know it is part of the business but watching people get cut is devastating every single time. Imagine having your dreams just snatched away from you after working your tail off for months. 

And that wraps up this season of Hard Knocks. This season was average at best, without Gruden this season is very bad. An hour of Gruden each week makes for a happy viewing experience regardless of anything else in the show. We needed more Mark Davis. Now the fun starts, see everyone in Green Bay on Thursday.

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