Hard Knocks Episode 4: Knock On Wood If You’re With Me

I am back folks! After a week hiatus in an attempt to save the Chicago Cubs season, I am here to give you everything you need to know about this RIVETING season of Hard Knocks.

First, we need to start with HBOGo not airing Hard Knocks until 10:15pm CST. For the past few weeks, Hard Knocks has been available right at 9:00pm CST with the rest of the world. HBOGo claimed Hard Knocks needs additional time due to extra editing and filming. PC Load letter, what the fuck does that mean?!?!? I am a peasant that cut the cord and has Sling. The world should not be punishing me for being ahead of the times and ditching cable! I am a grown man working in corporate America that does not like going to bed at 11 o’clock hour. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Figure it out HBO!

It seems the Antonio Brown helmet saga is finally finished. Thank you Lord. This has been the longest ongoing saga that no one really cares about in NFL history. 

Jon Gruden is the absolute star of this season. I believe I have said this before but I cannot say it enough. The man is a walking quote machine and the definition of a football guy. I may start saying “knock on wood if you’re with me” to random strangers walking down the street. I am willing to guarantee said stranger continues their day with aspiration to be great. Also, counting down from 100 by 3s may have been the most impressive thing Gruden has ever done. I tried to do it and got lost when I got to the 80s. Maybe I am just an idiot, I was never a math guy or school guy for that matter. 

Luke Wilson claimed Drake and Wayne Gretzky are neck and neck for the most popular person to come out of Canada. While I think Aubrey is much more known with a younger crowd, I am not buying this whatsoever. Hockey is king in Canada. The greatest player to ever play the nation’s sport will never be passed in popularity. 

Do we really need to watch these players sing every single episode? There is nothing HBO loves more than filming rookies singing. I would love to know the percentage of Hard Knocks episodes throughout the years that featured rookies singing. Lastly, is Josh Jacobs just exempt from this humiliation? He hasn’t been shown singing once. Did Saban threaten the HBO execs lives if they show him on screen?

It was great to see Hard Knocks legend Brogan Roback on screen. I miss him, 

I would like to also have a few beers with Luke Wilson. He seems like a dude that is a guy’s guy and happens to be very good at football. 

Next week we wrap up this rather mundane season of Hard Knocks. While these reviews have been fun, I am excited to watch Khalil Mack and Company rip Aaron Rodgers head off. 

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