Is Aaron Rodgers Encouraging Alcoholism?

Imagine the face of your franchise encouraging fans to become addicted to a substance that takes thousands of lives every year. Imagine your quarterback encouraging this behavior because he does not think you are cheering loud enough. That is what Aaron Rodgers is doing to Packers fans. I, for one, feel bad for the great fans from Green Bay.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rodgers said “I’m up for anything that’s gonna get the fans as loud as possible,” Rodgers said. “Maybe slash some beer prices or something, would be a good idea.”

It really is a shame to see a Super Bowl winning quarterback question the rowdiness of his home crowd. He is also encouraging abuse of alcohol.Is he encouraging this type of behavior because he does not have the ability to chug a beer himself? Football games are supposed to be a family affair and Aaron Rodgers is trying to turn them into some sort of frat party.

How can you possibly have your child look up to a quarterback that encourages alcohol abuse? If I were an owner of the Packers,which there are many, I would boycott Packers games this season until there is a change. I could not stand for this type of behavior from someone who is supposed to be a model citizen.

Personally, I think Aaron Rodgers is scared. He knows what is coming for him in less than a month. Reports have said he is already having trouble sleeping. He has been going to a sleep therapist because of his rampant nightmare issue. Reports are saying he is waking up in a cold sweat, day after day. He wakes up screaming “NOOOOOO!!!” and has told his therapist Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks are repeatedly sacking him as Kyle Fuller comes in from the edge to strip the ball from him as he falls to the ground. Reports show he has also told his therapist he finds himself constantly looking over his shoulder as he is hearing footsteps at all times. I think he may be encouraging alcohol use to drown out the sound of Leonard Floyd and Roquan Smith bearing down on him.

It is just sad that a once proud franchise has turned to this type of behavior from their future Hall of Fame quarterback. I truly hope he figures out his issues and we can move on from this. Best of luck Aaron, see you in 21 days sweetie.

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