Hard Knocks Episode 2: Circumcision?

Hard Knocks was back for a second episode and this week the talk of the town was circumcision…

Yes, Antonio Brown made an appearance and informed us that his feet got circumcised. Personally, I think a reptile losing its skin would have been a better analogy but AB decided to go with the removal of foreskin. We also talked about his helmet dilemma a bit and saw him walk around in his Supreme clothing. Hopefully next week we will actually see him on the field. 

Mike Glennon once again showed us his perennial skill as well. It truly is hard to believe that just two years ago the Bears were preparing to go into battle with Glennon as the opening day QB and John Fox running the show. Wake up tomorrow and thank God that times have changed. If you were curious, he still looks like a penis. 

The battle for the backup quarterback position is truly one for the ages in Oakland. Nathan Peterman vs. Mike Glennon. WOOF. I usually do not wish harm to others but imagine the drama if Derek Carr got injured. Antonio Brown will have forced his way from a future Hall of Fame quarterback to one that completes more passes to the other team. 

Jon Gruden once again is a master motivator. Imagine instead of your iPhone blaring in your face each morning you had Chucky just screaming in your ear. You would jump out of bed and most likely have the energy to conquer the planet. 

The balding, 37 year old veteran receiver, Hunter Renfrow made an appearance this week. I was actually shocked at how bad he was at singing. This man has spent 37 years living in the south. I thought southern boys woo women with their charm. He has sung country tunes in his truck his entire life, you’re telling me he can’t hit the high notes a little better?!?!?

We also found out that McVay was an assistant/ball boy/water boy/landscaper under Jon Gruden in Tampa. Does this mean that all the coaches that got jobs because of their association with McVay are actually all under the Gruden coaching tree? Makes ya think. 

It was great to see Uncle Brent Musberger. In the first two episodes, celebrity appearances from the Mayor of FlavorTown and Brent have truly made my ears perk up. I don’t know if that says more about their pop or the excitement of the season thus far. 

Hometown hero, undrafted wide receiver Keelan Doss has heartbreak story written all over him. He was undrafted, played well in the first preseason game, and had tons of family and friends at the game. We all know that each season HBO enjoys ripping their viewier’s hearts out. I am not saying it is going to happen, but as Scar once told us….be prepared.

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