Should We Buy Into The Mitch Trubisky MVP Hype?

Mitch Trubisky is the most important human being in Chicago nowadays. Chicago will forever be a Bears city before anything. Everyone loves the Cubs, the Hawks took the city by storm for a hot second, picketers prefer to stand outside Gar/Pax’s office regularly, but nothing would light this city on fire like a Bears Super Bowl victory. 

The odds of that Super Bowl victory lie on the face of the franchise, Mitchell Trubisky. Ever since the Bears traded up one spot to select the kid out of UNC, the spotlight has been shining bright.

Coming into year 3, expectations are sky high for #10. So much so that according to Bleacher Report, Mitch is the most bet player at Caesar’s Palace to win MVP. The place where the actual Caesar lived, not the casino.

Mitch’s odds have gone from 200-1 at Westgate to as low as 75-1 at Caesar’s. He currently sits at 20-1 according to Odds Shark. He ranks above former Rookie of the Year and Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson and is tied with his forever draft comparison Deshaun Watson.

The main question here is, should we really believe this hype? Do we truly think Mitch Trubisky can win the NFL MVP?

I am a Mitch truther, he has my full support. I think he has the potential to become a star in this league. By no means do I think Mitch Trubisky currently has the acumen of an NFL MVP. He has shown signs of greatness but has also shown signs he could be the next Jay Cutler. A quarterback that has moments of glory but also moments of idiocy. Thankfully there is one reason I think he may be able to turn heads this season, we will get back to that later.

This does not mean this is a bad bet by any means though. Betting on a QB young quarterback with potential at 200-1 odds would actually be considered by some a great bet. 

The reason Mitch has gotten so much MVP love is because 11 out of last 12 MVPs have been quarterbacks. This is the second year in Nagy’s offense on a team that currently has the 5th best Super Bowl odds and had arguably the best defense in the NFL last season. Matt Nagy will continue to put Mitch in a position to succeed and hopefully he can build on that impressive 4th quarter in the heartbreaking playoff loss against the Eagles. 

Now I am going to give you a reason to head straight to your bookie or local sportsbook and lay down money on Trubisky. 

Mitch Trubisky is just a kid from Mentor, Ohio. He then went to school in Chapel, North Carolina. He was drafted into one of the most happenin’ cities in America. The #2 pick on the most popular team in a city where the nightlife never sleeps. Mitch became a celebrity almost overnight. The small town kid now had women of all ages flocking to him. You think his brain was 100% focused on football these past two years? No way Jose. 

As we head into year 3, we have discovered some evidence that will lead to Mitch having the best season of his career. Mitch Trubisky has a girlfriend and fellas she is a looker. Not that that matters, all of you ladies are beautiful inside and out. Moral of the story, a huge distraction is now eliminated from Mitch’s life. He will come home to his loving girlfriend to snuggle up next to and watch the Bachelor. He will have a nice chicken marsala dish waiting for him after a rough outing at Soldier. He will be laser focused on football and that my friends is why betting on Mitch Trubisky to win the MVP is worth your hard earned money. 

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