Appreciate The Magic

I am not going to try to woo you with some clickbait headline or spend too much time on this. This is simply an appreciation blog to remind everyone they are witnessing something magical every spring to fall in Chicago.

There are very few athletes in Chicago sports history who draw your eyeballs to them every time they appear on the screen. Patrick Kane, Devin Hester, Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, and Sammy Sosa are the only athletes in Chicago sports history that I think have had that “it” factor. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best player on their team or the best in franchise history. This simply means you stop everything you are doing to watch these players because you know something special can happen at any moment.

The latest athlete to enter this pantheon of Chicago athletes is Ednel Javier Baez.

This past weekend, he laid down a no look tag that was just another trick in Javy’s bag. He routinely hits moonshot homeruns and even makes watching them look cool. His bat is his wand and his glove is the hat he pulls rabbits out of. He has such a love for the game that you find yourself smiling just watching him field a routine groundball.

My point here is simple and very short, appreciate him. These types of athletes do not come around very often. He could leave Chicago in just a few short years when he hits free agency. Once upon a time, Javy was a young professional with so many holes in his swing all he really could do was strikeout. He spent 2014 in the majors only to spend 2015 back in Iowa to work on his swing. What has he done since then you ask? He has become one of the best players in Major League Baseball. If not for Christian Yelich pumping substances in his body, he would have been the MVP of the National League last year. He has become someone that young players across the globe now look up to. He plays the game fast but most importantly he has fun doing it.

Appreciate this era of Cubs baseball, years from now we’ll look back at what a golden age it truly was on the Northside. Appreciate Javier Baez. Whenever you get a chance, sit down and watch him play. He plays the game with the energy and passion of a young child just on the sandlot with his friends. Appreciate the magic folks, El Mago won’t be around forever.

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