Which Cub Deserves A Statue Outside Of Wrigley?

The Cubs have kicked off the second half of the season. We all know this is when Joe Maddon’s Chicago Cubs hit the gas and take off…hopefully.

That being said, this era of Cubs baseball is one that no one will forget. It is an era that will be immortalized at Wrigley Field with a statue of some sort long after this brass has retired. The biggest question is who exactly will be the one to get a statue outside of 1060 West Addison?

Statues outside of the Friendly Confines are reserved for those who embody what it means to be a Chicago Cub. The statues aren’t just handed out to anyone. These are handed out to the hall of famers and announcers who could guzzle Budwesier with the best of them.

When thinking about this question, there are a couple different people that come to mind. Let’s take a quick gander at which Cubs legend will be immortalized forever.

Theo Epstein
Theo Epstein changed the narrative on the Chicago Cubs forever. Before Theo, this franchise was synonymous with losing. Many referred to them as the Lovable Losers. I was not a fan of this nickname, I did not find the years of 100 plus losses very enjoyable. He built this franchise from the ground up. He took the rebuild by the balls and truly made it his bitch. Front office members don’t usually get statues. A statue of Theo in a suit and tie with a cup of coffee in his hand would be pretty strange. He is also beloved right now, let’s see exactly how Cubs fans feel about him when his time is up. I have to believe they will still love him but Cubs fans have quickly become one of the most critical fanbases in all of sports.

Kris Bryant
Kris Bryant will most likely go down as the greatest Chicago Cub of all time when it is all said and done. While wearing the Cubs uniform, he has won a World Series, an MVP, and Rookie of the Year. He has lived up to all of the hype and then some. His personality lacks in areas and I think that leads to unnecessary criticism of his on the field work. He openly bashed St. Louis which deserves a statue in its own. The issue here is will he remain a Chicago Cub for the rest of his career. There were murmurs in the last year that he turned down a lucrative contract from the Cubs. Superagent Scott Boras will ensure his client receives a trillion dollars. Things could change in a few years, keep your eye on the slugger with the sparkling eyes. Lastly, Kris Bryant will never get a statue with that horrid haircut he currently has. Clean it up KB.

Joe Maddon
Theo gets a lot of credit when it comes to the rebuild and World Series championship and he should. The person who does not get enough credit is Joe Maddon. Yes, I am well aware he almost cost the Cubs the World Series with his wonderful management of his pitching. The Chicago Cubs also would not have gotten to the World Series without Joe Maddon. I know he has plenty of haters but I truly believe his style of managing young talent is the reason the Chicago Cubs were the powerhouse they were in 2016. He will go down as the most successful manager in Chicago Cubs history. He has taken the Cubs to the playoffs in each of his years here and broke arguably the biggest curse in sports history. Sadly, I think people are not the biggest fan of Joe anymore. I don’t think his legacy will be as beloved as it should be. He also just opened a brand new restaurant so that is like a statue of its own right?

Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Vincent Rizzo is the captain of your Chicago Cubs. He is the lifeblood of this franchise. When the chips are stacked against them, the team turns to #44. He may not put up the flashiest numbers but you can count on Tony. He will be there to mash 30 homeruns, drive in 100 runs, and play Gold Glove defense at 1st base. After that is done, you can find him at the local children’s hospital spending time with those riddled with horrible diseases. His foundation has donated over $4 million to the Lurie’s Children Hospital. He is a cancer survivor himself. When there was a shooting at his former high school in Florida, Anthony was there to deliver a powerful speech at the vigil. He was here grinding it out when the Chicago Cubs were the laughing stock of the Major Leagues. In 2013, he signed a team friendly 9 year/$73 million deal. He caught the final out of the 2016 World Series and raised his arms in triumph as he sprinted to celebrate with his teammates. When the Chicago Cubs visited the White House, you know who handed President Obama his honorary Cubs jersey? Anthony Rizzo. He deserves to have a C on his chest as we speak. If there is one person in Cubs history that should have a statue outside of Wrigley Field. It is my captain.

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