Make The Crosstown Classic Great Again

Folks, it finally has happened. The Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox are both good at baseball again. The Cubs have been holding their end of the bargain for years now but it is looking like the rebuild has taken shape on the South Side.

I have been hoping for this for years. I have wanted the Cubs/Sox rivalry to be back just about as bad as I want Orange Hi-C back at McDonalds. The summertime in Chicago is infinitely more fun when the disgusting White Sox fans and drunk Cubs fans are in each other’s faces. I need White Sox fans yelling at Cubs fans about how dumb they are for giving them Eloy Jiminez. I need Cubs fans laughing at Sox fans for how irrelevant of a franchise they are even when they win a World Series.

I need Ozzie Guillen like comments where he tells everyone he “pukes every time he goes to Wrigley Field”. I need the hatred back in Chicago.

Admittedly, I am a diehard Cubs fan. I have been my entire life. I hate the Chicago White Sox more than any franchise in sports. I know, it does not make the most sense in the world but let me explain. The Cubs have and always will be my one true love. I was in high school during the heyday of the Cubs/Sox rivalry. I grew up screaming at Sox fans about how scummy they were and how no one cared about their second rate team. I cheered mercilessly as Michael Barrett injected his fist right into AJ Pierzynski’s jaw. I was surrounded by an even mix of Cubs and Sox fans so there was constant bad blood. Like I said before, the Cubs are my one true love. While I despise the Packers, I was not subject to those awful fans until college.

You are probably thinking “well, what kind of fan are you? The Cardinals and Brewers are a much bigger rival than the White Sox.” My friend, you are absolutely correct. The Cardinals are in fact the Cubs biggest rival, but I don’t have any real exposure to Cardinals fans. I think you should be a fan of your team and your team only. I love the city of Chicago but when it comes to sports I am not rooting for the city. I root for my team. In 2005, I sat on my couch and cheered for the Houston Astros. That did not end well for me but I will never cheer for the Chicago White Sox. Never.

A lot of people will call this immature, I am fine with that. It is very immature but I am not above that. Cheering against your city to win a championship because it is not your team is as petty as it comes. This week while the Cubs and Sox kick off their series, remember you are a fan of your team. Don’t jump from one side of the city to the other because you want the city to be happy. Yell at a Sox fan that Hendricks is a better ace than Giolito. Scream in a Cubs fan face and tell them their run at the top is over. Scream about how dumb of a signing Yu Darvish was. A healthy debate over how your team is better than your friends is good for the soul.

P.S. MLB, I know you are a fan of The Hub so you will see this. Change this goddamn series to a weekend series. This two game series bullshit needs to end. The city of Chicago deserves two 3 game weekend series. Let the booze flow and allow the chaos to ensue. Please and thank you.

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