The Chicago Bulls Deserve A Top Pick For One Reason

The Chicago Bulls once again find themselves in a position they have been in the last few years. They will be sitting with the rest of the bottom dweller franchises hoping some ping pong balls fall their way.

The Bulls currently have a 12.5% chance to land Zion Williamson. They have a 12.2% chance of landing Ja Morant. They have a 48% chance they land a top 4 pick. Worst case scenario, they can drop as low as No. 8 and have a combined 44.7 percent chance to draft between sixth and eighth.

Needless to say, the Bulls need a little bit of luck.

The Bulls are no stranger to luck when it comes to the NBA lottery. They landed Derrick Rose with only a 1.7% chance to get the #1 pick. As my friend PJ from Angels in the Outfield says”Hey, it could happen!”

The Chicago Bulls deserve a top pick for one reason and one reason only, the fans.

Chicago Bulls fans have shown up when the product on the court was similar to what you would find at your local YMCA. One would argue that product may be a bit better than what you see at the United Center on a nightly basis. The Chicago Bulls averaged the 2nd most fans per game last season in the NBA. THEY WERE SECOND IN ATTENDANCE!!!

If you watched a second of Bulls basketball last season you know there are some pieces there. Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, Otto Porter Jr., and Wendell Carter Jr. have all shown they have the potential to be part of the future. The one thing that is missing is a superstar. The Bulls can get that superstar by landing a top 2 pick tonight.

Ja Morant or Zion Williamson would become a savior for Bulls fans everywhere. A savior from the bozos that run the front office. Bulls fans have had to deal with their incompetence for entirely too long right now. From running superstars out of town to hiring head coaches without running a single interview. Us fans need the spotlight to shine as far away from the sideshow front office as possible.

Let’s take a second to once again show just how stupid these idiots running the front office are. Here is a list of point guards the Bulls have had since Derrick Rose left.

Rajon Rondo
Jerian Grant
Michael Carter-Williams
Isaiah Canaan
Kris Dunn
Cameron Payne
Ryan Arcidiacono
Walt Lemon Jr.

I am sure you are thinking there are some okay names on there. The numbers they put up can’t be THAT bad. Well look no further my friend.

In those 246 games, they averaged:

28.5 minutes
10.1 points
5.4 assists
41.4% FG (3.96 of 9.58 per game)
30.5% 3FG (0.92 of 3.02 per game)
76.5% FT (1.27 of 1.66 per game)

Oh not to mention, there are rumors that if the Bulls do not get a top 2 pick they will ship off that pick for….Lonzo Ball. God, please help us all.

Adam Silver will do what is best for the NBA. He knows the only way to continue this rocketship trajectory his league is on is to bring superstars to major cities. He knows that no superstar in their right mind would willingly come to two of the worst run franchises in sports in New York and Chicago. I am fine with Zion going to the Knicks, New York deserves a top pick as much as anyone. Just please, give us Ja. Give the fans something to get excited about. Most importantly, give us a reason to stop talking about what a circus our once proud franchise has become.

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