Let’s Juice Up This Chicago Sports Hypothetical

Yesterday, the hard working, great people over at Barstool Chicago released this Chicago sports hypothetical. It led to quite the debate in my group chat. There was a couple glaring issues I had with this hypothetical.

  1. It was too easy, you pick Derrick Rose every single time. He was the most electric player in the NBA at a time when LeBron was in his prime.
  2. Picking season tickets is a cop out answer. The other options are “what if’s” changing the landscape for each specific team. Picking season tickets because it is fun and you can make money off them has nothing to do with the future of your teams.

Well I decided to change these up a bit. I wanted to make this decision a bit more difficult while removing the odd duck from the group. Without further adieu, here is Tin’s Chicago Sports hypothetical.

Cubs pass on Heyward/Darvish, sign Harper/Arrieta

As most know, last offseason the Cubs had the decision to either sign Jake Arrieta, a fan favorite to say the least, or sign Yu Darvish. The Cubs opted to go with Darvish, we all know how life with that mental midget has gone thus far. I had no issue with signing Darvish at the time but I also did not think his mental capabilities would be cause me to have mental issues of my own. I don’t know if you have heard but the Cubs also spent A LOT of money on Jason Heyward. A lot of people think the money spent on Heyward and Darvish led to them being “strapped for cash” this offseason. I still think that is a load of shit but that is for a different time. The Cubs would have Arrieta to round out their stellar rotation while having Harper for the next 13 years. I think majority of Cubs fans would obviously take this in a heartbeat. Fans absolutely adored Jake and I think Harper would have fit very nicely in this young core.

Bears draft Patrick Mahomes

The Bears made a big splash in the 2017 draft by trading up one spot to grab Mitch Trubisky. I, myself, love Mitch. He has progressed very well throughout his career. Unfortunately, there is another quarterback from this draft who has done just a LITTLE better. The Bears with Patrick Mahomes would be an absolute force to be reckoned with. You can argue Mahomes success has to do with his cast but I think he would still put up stellar numbers with the cast in Chicago. Mahomes with this Bears defense screams multiple parades down Michigan avenue.

Derrick Rose never gets hurt

This one I had to leave. I can’t think of a better what if for Bulls fans. The next best thing would be Gar/Pax being shown the door but finding a time machine and reversing Derrick’s injury is more realistic than that. The Bulls were the cream of the crop of the NBA when Derrick got hurt. Derrick was better than Russell Westbrook. Russ now averages a triple double just by opening his eyes after a night of beauty sleep. I am not going to say the Bulls would have beat the Heat or won multiple championships. They damn sure would have had a much better shot though. You can argue that Jimmy would have clashed heads with Derrick regardless but sometimes winning cures all. Personally, I loved Derrick as much as any athlete in Chicago as I am sure most of you did. There is a reason we all get so sentimental anytime he mentions coming back to Chicago. We miss the glory days. The landscape of Chicago basketball would have changed forever had the kid from Chicago never become one of the biggest what ifs in sports history.

White Sox sign Machado, Eloy becomes top 10 player

I am a diehard Cubs fan so I know what it is like to rebuild. I know what it means to bring in a top tier free agent that changes the course of history (see Jon Lester). The White Sox had a chance to do that this offseason. Sox fans now wonder if what they have is truly enough to ever put them over the hump. The hope is that Eloy eventually becomes the perennial all-star everyone hopes but who knows. I remember thinking Felix Pie was going to be a star in this league for years to come. Newsflash, he was not. Eloy becoming a top 10 player at the price he was recently extended at would have given the Sox two top 10 players with financial flexibility to add. The diehard White Sox fans could finally see the success they have been yearning for since 2005.

Hawks never trade Panarin and Crawford stays healthy

I am not a big Hawks fan so we will keep this one as is. I read Twitter enough to know that people are not happy with Stan Bowman. I do know Panarin was an absolute stud when he was on the Hawks and they shipped him away right as he was entering his prime. I also know Corey Crawford was a huge part of those Stanley Cup teams. Hawks fans, I will let you decide if you want to take this magic pill.

As I stated, I removed the season ticket option because that is like saying do you like ketchup or Bentley’s. They do not belong in the same conversation. This is a “what if” hypothetical for Chicago sports, we are leaving it at that.

My answer is the Bears drafting Patrick Mahomes. I think it would be so cool to see the city explode the way they did when the Cubs won the World Series. The Chicago Cubs are by far my favorite team and always will be but this is a Bears town. Anyone with a brain knows that. Patrick Mahomes with the Bears defense would bring a parade to Michigan Avenue.

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