If Ryan Pace Cares About Kids, He Will Trade For Robbie Gould

Like Robbie Gould, Ryan Pace is a father. He cares more about his child than anything on this planet. Hey Ryan Pace, I have one thing to ask you. Could you imagine being away from your precious daughter Cardyn for over half of the year? Imagine taking children away from their loving parents for such an important part of their younger years.

That is what you would be doing by not trading for Robbie Gould.

Tuesday afternoon, Robbie Gould demanded a trade from the San Francisco 49ers. He is unhappy with how the organization has treated him and wants to be closer to his family. I know what you are thinking. That is strange, he has played in San Francisco since 2017. Where is his family? They are back in Chicago. They are at their home. Robbie Gould wants to come home. I mean just look at Robbie Gould’s home gym, he knows where his heart will always be.

Trivia question for all you folks at home. Name the biggest hole in the Bears rosters.

Every hand shoots up. You are all correct, it is the kicker.

Let’s start with that. Robbie Gould would fill a hole that cost the Bears a shot at a Super Bowl last season. He has made 82 out of 85 field goals since the Bears released him back in 2016. The Bears have yet to find a replacement for Gould since that time. Who better to fill that void than the man himself.

Now I am sure you are concerned about the money. Tin, we already have so much money tied up in that bum Cody Parkey we had to cut, would this even work? In short, yes. Gould was tagged at $5 million and didn’t sign because he wants a multi year deal and to be closer to his family. Cody Parkey will cost the Bears just over $4 million this season. The Bears currently have $16 million in cap space with that expected to be around $13 million after the draft this weekend. End of the day, the Bears have money to knock out both of his needs.

The next question people will ask, isn’t he old and washed up? Yes and absolutely not. He is 36 years old. Adam Vinatieri is 46 years old and is still a very successful kicker in the National Football League. Spare me the age excuse. Gould is also still a fantastic kicker. Like I mentioned earlier, he has missed 3 field goals since 2016. He made 97% of his kicks last season. Cody Parkey made 76% of his kicks last season. Need I say more?

Robbie Gould is beloved by Bears fans. He will cost a bit of money but the return on investment will be well worth it. Ryan Pace cannot afford to go into a potential Super Bowl year with a hole that could once again cost him the ultimate shot at glory.

Ryan, this is directed right at you so listen up. When you go to sleep tonight and the night after that and the night after that, think about Cardyn. Think about being away from your daughter and all you want is to hold her close and kiss her goodnight. Now think about being able to bring that type of joy and warmth into someone’s life. You have that chance. Trade whatever is necessary to bring happiness into a kid’s life. Family is everything in this world, do it for the kids Ryan.

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