Who You Should Root For In The Masters

The Masters. A tradition unlike any others. It’s here.

For me, the Masters is one of the events that truly means spring is here. Opening Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Masters. They go with the spring like lamb and tuna fish.

The azaleas have bloomed. Amen’s Corner has been trimmed to perfection. Most importantly, golf’s best are all ready to compete for the most prestigious jacket one can win. Seriously, there are a lot of famous jackets but you can’t win them. What other tournament gives a jacket to the winner? None. It is such an absurd prize that is actually brilliant.

Golf provides no hometown rooting interests. Unlike other sports, you don’t just root for Chicago. The beauty is you pretty much can choose whoever you want to root for. You can root for Bubba Watson because you think his nickname is cool. You can root for Rickie because you like the color orange. You can root for Rory because you like irish car bombs. You don’t need any specific reason to root for a specific golfer. It is wonderful.

So who should you root for? Here are a couple of the guys that I think you should root for.

Tiger Woods

We all know the story of Eldrick Woods. We know he is one of the few athletes that is still beloved by almost every human being even though he isn’t a great human being himself. Whether you judge his past or not, you should root for him simply for the chaos. The media world would absolutely explode on Sunday if Tiger Woods completed his comeback and won the Masters. We know he is capable of winning again, the biggest question is can he do it on the biggest stage? Until he does, the comeback will never truly be complete.

Root for Tiger. Root for chaos.

Rory McIlroy

Rory just seems like a cool dude. I’ll admit, I am a HUGE Rory guy. I am irish so that means I must love anyone or anything that has a connection to any part of Ireland. Those are the rules when you are born with Guinness in your veins. More importantly, Rory has never won at Augusta. For the fifth time, he will attempt to complete the career Grand Slam. He has finished in the top 10 the last 4 years at Augusta.

Rory is a good guy, I’d be happy to see him finally don that green jacket

Rickie Fowler

Rickie was so close yet so far last year at the Masters. He finished in second place to the man who hates his family, Patrick Reed. Rickie Fowler is the best golfer to not win a major. There is one big difference this year for Rickie. He is engaged. Rickie is known for this famous picture from the Ryder Cup picture.


He has had his mind on women for his entire life. He is the good looking, golf pro, women have flocked to Mr. Fowler. Times have changed. Rickie is now laser focused. As Chubbs told Happy Gilmore “you gonna give that shit up and concentrate on golf”.

Rickie is done with his old ways, he is ready to become a major champion. This new concentration will lead Rickie to a major championship this year, mark my words.

Sandy Lyle

Past champions at Augusta are automatically given a spot in the Masters. If you are looking for a fun old-timer to root for, your guy is Sandy Lyle. Good ol’ Sandy from Scotland won the Masters back in 1988. His last European tour victory was in 1992. For reference, Jordan Spieth was born in 1993. It has been a second since Sandy has tasted victory. The main reason I think you should root for Sandy Lyle is because he shares a name with one of the greatest characters Philip Seymour Hoffman ever got to play.


Kevin O’Connell

All the above people I have recommended are popular favorites. Everyone knows who they are and they are pretty easy to root for. Kevin O’Connell is one of the amateurs in this year’s tournament. He isn’t your average, young whippersnapper amatuer. He is a 30 year old from North Carolina who has already given up on golf once in his life. He walked away from the game and took a job at a small investment firm in Charlotte. He then moved on to sell golf equipment and started to get the itch again. He regained his status and is now teeing off in the biggest tournament in the world.

Kevin O’Connell has never played in a PGA Tour event, let alone a major.  No amateur has ever won at Augusta, who better than the 30 year old from North Carolina?

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