I Think I Am Now An MLS Insider With This Breaking Chicago Fire News


A few years back I realized that I have an addiction. I love breaking news to people. Breaking news is my heroin and being the first person to tell my group of friends news is my syringe.

The only problem here is I never truly am breaking news that no one else cannot find on their own. I am addicted to Twitter and hitting refresh hundreds of times a day just leads to me knowing about breaking stories before others. This is all an addiction that I truly am not that proud of. That is until today.

I have always wanted to break news that not many people know about. I always wanted an inside source that truly provided “breaking news”. Without further adieu, here is my breaking news folks.

According to my insider sources, the Chicago Fire will be moving back to Soldier Field. They will be going through a complete rebrand and will be known as the Chicago City Soccer Club or the Chicago City Futbol Club. They will go by a certain name depending on what neighborhood of Chicago you are in. Below you will find what the rumored logo will be…

Capture Fire

Don’t believe me? Click on this link www.chicagocitysc.com . Yep, sends you right to MLS.com.

The Chicago City Football Club will be moving to Soldier Field next year. They had a deal with the City of Bridgeview to play there until 2037. They will be paying somewhere in the ballpark of $130 million to break that contract.

The Chicago Fire moved out to Bridgeview in 2006 and have seen fans come out in the tens to see them play. The hope is that moving back to Soldier Field will finally encourage the average fan to come out and see Zach Thorton in net.

That was my breaking news and boy does it feel great. Please refer to me as an MLS Insider moving forward, thank you.

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