Once Again, The NFL Takes Another Crown

NFL: New York Giants at Pittsburgh Steelers

For the last few years, the king of their respective offseason was the National Basketball Association. The NFL dominated headlines in season but the NBA didn’t skip a beat once their season ended. The rumors never stopped, the social media drama became center stage, and it felt like the NBA was finally creeping up in popularity on the NFL. Football ratings slipped, Adam Silver became the most likable commissioner in all of sports, and people were concerned about the future of football as a whole.

The NFL offseason “officially” started on March 11th. This was also the date the NFL took another crown. The NFL dominates headlines all fall and now it has become the king of the offseason. As I am writing this, the NFL offseason has been “official” for a little over 48 hours. Let me give you a quick look at what has happened since then…

  • Odell Beckham Jr. is now a member of the Cleveland Browns
  • Le’Veon Bell is back in forest green with the New York Jets
  • Antonio Brown forced his way out of Pittsburgh, lost his blonde mustache in the process, and now resides in Oakland
  • DeSean Jackson is back on the Eagles
  • Danny Amendola went from the 305 to Motor City
  • Anthony Barr signed with the Jets, then remembered they were the Jets and returned to Minnesota
  • Lamarcus Joyner decided he wanted to join the party in Oakland
  • Big Dick Nick Foles became the 11th highest paid quarterback down in Jacksonville
  • Adrian Amos became Chicago’s #1 enemy and headed to Green Bay (kidding, don’t be that idiot that hates Adrian Amos for getting what he deserves)
  • Eric Weddle left Baltimore for LA, CJ Mosley left Baltimore for the J-E-T-S, Terrell Suggs is headed to Arizona, Baltimore has decided it doesn’t need defensive players this season.
  • The Honey Badger, Tyrann Matheiu, is headed to Kansas City
  • Trey Flowers secured the bag up in Detroit
  • Speaking of getting paid, Landon Collins also secured the bag in our nation’s capital
  • Carlos Hyde is heading to Kansas City to fill some big shoes left by Kareem Hunt…LITERALLY (see what I did there)
  • Michael Bennett is headed to New England to most likely cause more controversy in one way or another
  • Cleveland also took vaunted pass rusher, Olivier Vernon from the Giants
  • The quarterback of the future in Denver, Case Keenum, was traded to the Redskins
  • San Francisco traded for Kansas City pass rusher Dee Ford


Some of these moves happened before the offseason became official but you catch my drift. Oh, Golden Tate, Earl Thomas, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman, Clay Matthews, Jared Cook, Stephen Gostkowski, Ndomakung Suh, Ha Ha Clinton Dix, and others are still free agents as I write this

Beyond free agency, we still have multiple other things to look forward to. Where will Kyler Murray get drafted? Who will make a big trade on draft night? Will Rob Gronkowski play next year? Are we entering the final season of two quarterback legends in Drew Brees and Tom Brady? What is the Giants longterm plan? Does anyone have any idea? Lastly, just how dominant will the Chicago Bears be in 2019? The answer, Super Bowl dominant.

For a while, I thought Roger Goddell was going to ruin my Sundays. I thought he was going to drive a league I loved into the ground. He was making mistake after mistake. Punishing players for supposedly deflating footballs while doling out the same punishments to those who beat women. He is very lucky that the United States of America cannot move forward as a nation without the National Football League. The more football the better in my opinion. Thank you to all of the General Managers of the NFL, without you none of this chaos would be possible.

P.S. Remember when the MLB offseason and trade deadline were fun? This is a BAAAAAAAD look for the boys of summer.