Who Should Replace Jason Witten In The Monday Night Football Booth?


Jason Witten dropped some news that every single football fan has been yearning to hear. He will be returning to join the Dallas Cowboys. NFL fans did not want to hear this news because they wanted so badly to see more 13 yard receptions across the middle. They wanted this news because Jason Witten became one of the most universally disliked NFL broadcasters in history. Truly a remarkable feat given that Witten only announced for one season.

Every Monday night during the 2018 NFL season, fans would log onto the old twitter machine to complain about Jason Witten’s announcing. It truly was painful to watch. It got to the point where I actually felt bad for the guy. Jason Witten seems like a very nice guy, behind the microphone is just not the place for the man from Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Joe Tessitore will have a new partner in crime for the 2019 NFL season. There are plenty of different options out there but I am going to name a couple people that I think will do JUUUUST a bit better than the Cowboys tight end.

Peyton Manning

I think this is the choice that every NFL fan wants. Peyton Manning has forgotten more about football than you will ever know. Listening to him break down plays would be pure football porn. Not to mention, Peyton is quite the comic. He has been fantastic on his many SNL appearances as well as his gazillion commercials he has been on in the past 10 years. Please ESPN, throw millions upon millions of dollars at Peyton Manning. Us NFL fans need him back in our lives. While you are at it, please put the Giants on one Monday Night Football game as well. Peyton trying to defend his shell of a brother playing quarterback would be must watch television.

Pat McAfee

Pat may be the most electric personality in NFL history. He recently parted ways with Barstool and would jump at this opportunity. There is a bit of risk with this decision as Pat is a bit edgy. That is exactly what ESPN needs. This is a move that would really resonate with social media landscape we are currently in. He has almost 1.5 million followers on twitter alone. You want to get people talking about your company, there is no better place than the Twittersphere. Pat called a college football game this year and even got a shot at an NFL game late in the season. That is more than enough experience in my eyes.

Booger McFarland

If Jason Witter was vanilla ice cream, Booger McFarland would be a nice bowl of Moose Tracks. He was as solid of an announcer as you can be for not even being in the booth. When in the booth, he seemed to have great chemistry with Joe Tessitore as well. Sadly, the Booger Mobile would have to be put in the garage but I don’t think you would find a single fan disappointed with this decision.

Rex Ryan

This would be another risky move for ESPN. Rex is known to be a little rough around the edges. He has also stated that he prefers to be in the studio as opposed to the announcing booth. This move would be relatively easy for ESPN since he is already employed by them and I think NFL fans would love this move. The Ryan brothers are an extremely polarizing duo and Rex would for sure bring the noise in the booth.

Louis Riddick

With a hometown bias, this is a move I am secretly rooting for. There was no bigger Chicago Bears supporter this past season. Louis Riddick is also one of the most knowledgeable members of the media in the NFL. His resume includes being a former NFL player, NFL scout, and Director of Pro Personnel. He would bring a very analytical view to the booth which I think would be a great fit for fans to learn more about the game they love.

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