I Have A Gym Admirer And It’s Not What You Think


As you all know, it is a very slow time in the sports world. There isn’t a ton to write about so you get a peak into the personal life of myself.

I will just get out ahead of this before people start calling me some hardo bro. Yes, I workout. I try to go 5 times a week and I eat relatively healthy. I enjoy being in good shape and would rather not have to gasp for air after climbing a flight of stairs. I have been working out consistently now for about 7 years and have been a part of multiple gyms. Yea, I lift bro.

That being said, I have seen a large array of people in my time of working out. My least favorite person in the gym is “hey, do you mind if I work in with you” guy. I go to the gym to get in and get out. I am there for an hour tops and would rather not speak to a single human while I am blasting my biceps.

I just joined a new gym in the summer and it sucks. It is entirely too small and there is so much wasted space. There seems to be zero order. It drives my organized brain absolutely insane. With the lack of equipment, this leads to a lot of the “can I work in guys.” When someone asks you this, you really have no choice but to say yes. In the last month or so, I have noticed one certain gym member asking me this question more often than I would like. I would like it to be never so if one person asks me more than once then my spidey sense tingles.

This is how I discovered that I have a gym admirer. It is not the kind I would have liked either. Although I am happily engaged, I would have loved for this admirer to be an attractive member of the opposite sex. Everyone loves a good confidence boost from the opposite sex. Nope, this is a male right around my age.

A few months ago, I realized this particular male was always at the gym when I was. I didn’t think much of it because when you go routinely at the same time you develop an unspoken bond with your fellow gym brethren. You don’t say a word to any of them but there is a mutual respect that we are all here trying to look good on North Avenue beach in a few months. I noticed this secret admirer of mine recently almost shadowing me. He always seemed to be in the same area of the gym as I was. Just last week, he asked to work in with me while I was doing lat pull down. The thing is, there was an open lat pull down machine no less than 10 feet away. Usually, I would just be annoyed but at this point I was creeped out.

My guard was now up. I told my friend and told my fiance that I have a guy at the gym that has a full blown crush on me. I went to sleep thinking he may just walk in the door at any second. My head was always on a swivel every time I walked into the gym. Every time, there he was just watching. I had a similar situation happen just yesterday. I was using the squat rack to do some barbell shoulder press. Boulder shoulders, the ladies love those. There was another squat rack next to me wide open. Guess what happened? Yep, my secret admirer came strolling in asking if he could work in with me. I told him I had one set left then hightailed out of there as fast as I could. I looked back and he was doing the exact same weight and exercise that I was. After just watching Abducted In Plain Sight, I am scared that I am next. I will be the next story in the long list of murder documentaries on Netflix.

Now my question is what do I do? I can’t just leave my gym, it is entirely too convenient. It is literally on the walk home from the L and is too affordable for me to just up and leave. Do I say something next time he asks to work in? I don’t know if I have the cajones to look someone straight in the eyes and tell him no. You know what I am going to do? Absolutely nothing. I will continue to be creeped out and fill you all in if this continues to progress. If I don’t post for a while or you see a missing sign with my face on it, you know where to look. Pray for me.

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