God Damnit Gar/Pax


The NBA trade deadline is today at 3PM EST. There are bound to be some big name moves and the NBA trade deadline has become the most exciting in all of sports. The Bulls got to work early trading Bobby Portis, Jabari Parker, and a 2023 second round draft pick (never change Bulls) for Otto Porter.

Gar/Pax have been known across the league for their rousing success when it comes to absolutely stealing can’t miss prospects from other teams. No they are not. They are actually known for the exact opposite. The Jimmy Butler trade ended up working out but they are known for continuously making awful trades for virtually nothing.

I am going to say it, I actually like this trade (ducks to evade objects being thrown at head).

Let me preface all of this, the Bulls will not win anything with these two clowns running the organization. I have said it time and time again. These moves will mean nothing as long as that egg head is the coach of this team. All of the above deserve to be fired at seasons end.

Now that I have made that clear, I am going to give credit where it is deserved. A blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. The success of this front office has been mostly luck. Jimmy Butler turning out to be an All-Star after being the last pick in the draft. The Bulls magically landing the first pick and taking Derrick Rose. I could go on and on with the luck they have had. We also should applaud decent moves they have made, this is one of them.

Jabari Parker was never going to work out here. He did not play poorly, Jim Boylen just truly hated him. The drill sargent Coach hated the lazy player that has voiced his disdain for defense, shocking I know. Bobby Portis has been a very solid player throughout his career in Chicago. In my opinion, he will forever be stuck in that Taj Gibson role. He gives it his all every single night but he is not someone you build an organization around. The Bulls tried to work out a contract extension with him this offseason, once that didn’t work you have to at least get something for him before he walks this summer.

Otto Porter has much more potential than either player listed above. He turns 26 this year. His numbers haven’t been as impressive this year but he can shoot the three and play defense. He is owed A LOT of money. I agree, that sucks. The Bulls are basically punting on free agents this offseason. The salary cap will continue to rise, relax. Part of me appreciates the fact that the Bulls know zero top free agents want to come to Chicago. They know their organization is in absolute disarray. They know in order to attract top free agents they need to establish some sort of semblance on the court first. They now can go into next season with Lauri, Wendell, LaVine, Otto Porter, and Zion/RJ Barrett/Ja Morant. With a new head coach, I think a team with that core could sneak into the playoffs next season. That could be enough to attract free agents in the coming seasons.

As I stated, don’t let all of this fool you. It is a solid move but old man Jerry still needs to clean house. The Bulls are still the laughing stock of the NBA. If Otto Porter ends up costing the Bulls losses then we riot. Until then, I will give a small golf clap to Gar/Pax for this move.

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