#TinThoughts: Slumber Bowl

The Patriots once again are Super Bowl Champions. Ho hum. They beat the Rams 13-3 in one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory. The Rams were the second team ever to not score a touchdown in the Super Bowl. To show just how exciting it was, the Rams punted on their first 7 possessions. How exhilarating!

Since there is not a ton to talk about on the game itself, I will say it seems as though Sean McVay is not as big of an offensive genius as everyone claims. I don’t care how many points you put up during the season, if you can’t put up more than 3 points when the lights shine brightest then you do not deserve the highest of praises for your offensive senseiness. On the flip side, you have to tip your caps to the Patriots defense. They were the true MVP of this game. The Rams could not get a thing going in the air or on the ground. Todd Gurley had a few big runs but he is clearly still hurt. He claims he is not at all but don’t be surprised when “Todd Gurley undergoes successful minor knee surgery” scrolls across your ticker on ESPN in the coming weeks. Tom Brady showed up for the only drive he needed to. The Rams opted out of covering Julian Edelman all game, very interesting strategy. Overall, the game was about as uneventful as it can get.

Speaking of uneventful, the commercials once again were an absolute bore. As I have said before, commercials being aired before the game absolutely sucks. Someone needs to outlaw that. There is nothing to even get surprised about anymore. There were a couple that were at least okay though.

Hyundai Ad

This was at least very clever. The floors with all the small pains of life followed up by what makes buying a Hyundai easy. Very simple concept. Jason Bateman as the elevator man. This was just well done overall.

Bubly Ad

I told myself I was not going to laugh at this one. I knew exactly what it was going to be when I saw the thumbnail. I knew it was going to be corny. I still laughed. The way he said Dave just got me. Hand up, I was wrong about this one folks.

Doritos Ad

Let’s cut to the chase, this was just a fire remix. I love Chance. I love the Backstreet Boys. Put them both together while remixing an absolute classic and you end up with a commercial every 90s kid will like.

Colgate Ad

Similar to the Hyundai ad, this was a commercial that was just overall done extremely well. It was a simple premise executed to perfection. I will admit the only thing I was thinking the whole commercial was I wonder how many times Luke Wilson accidentally kissed these people during filming.

Bud Light/Thrones Ad

Good on Bud Light here. Game of Thrones moves the needle. Anything Game of Thrones related and people piss themselves with excitement. I don’t know about you guys but I pissed myself when I saw that dragon fly across the screen. I just put this on here because I am so excited for Thrones to start. I am almost finished with my rewatch and April cannot get here soon enough.


This was by far the best ad of the entire night. There were so many people in this ad that I watched it again and caught multiple people I did not see the first time. There are also so many little nuggets in there (LT touchdown celebration, Saquon hurdle, Odell catch, etc). Well done NFL, about time you did something right.

I also need to point out how disappointed I was in a few commercials.

TMobile Ad

How much money did TMobile spend on the Super Bowl? These commercials were so annoying and not funny at all. Do less TMobile.

Stella Artois Ad

The world goes into a frenzy when Jeff Bridges tweeted and this is what we get?!?! He could have at least mentioned a White Russian. It would have been so much better if he started to order that and the bartender had him try the Stella Artois. The Dude then looked at him and agreed the Stella was great. Ended it with a signature line from the Dude. Swing and a miss folks.

Pepsi Ad

I wanted to like this ad, I really did. It just did not do much for me. Lil’ Jon yelling OKAYYYYY will always get a chuckle but I really just thought they were trying too hard here. You have to say okay with more conviction? Nope. Also, Pepsi is not okay. Team Coke for life.

Lastly, we finish with my thoughts on the halftime show. It was extremely underwhelming. Maroon 5 is one of those classic “I know all of these songs but could not tell you the name of any of them” bands. I also knew Adam Levine was tatted up but figured he just had two sleeves. Jesus Christ he has some terrible tattoos on the rest of his body. I saw this tweet and could not get this out of my head.

Travis Scott using the Spongebob band for the Sicko mode entrance was pretty sick.

I am willing to guarantee almost every single Super Bowl party across the country had the conversation of “Who is Travis Scott?”. This was followed up with “He is dating Kendall Jenner and is their baby’s daddy”. Nothing about his music was said, welcome to 2019. Big Boi coming in was amazing. I am just so bummed Andre 3000 did not come out and that brought his performance down a bit for me. His outfit was as fire as it gets though.

I am sure PETA absolutely loved that coat. 

Football season is now over. Time to dive deep into the NBA and college basketball. Soon enough spring will be here. The grass will green. The flowers will bloom. All will be right in the world. Until then, power through February folks!

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