I Won’t Even Bother Getting Creative, Xfinity Is The Worst


I am sure you haven’t heard but it has been -25 degrees in Chicago the last few days. No one wants to go outside. People get to work from home. Everything is all hunky doory in the heat of your apartment. Well that is unless you have Xfinity.

You see Xfinity has absolute stranglehold on the cable/internet market in Chicago. Their prices are astronomical but everyone is forced to this torture unless you want to risk shotty internet. No one has time for slow internet nowadays so we all blindly hand over bundles of money each month.

As I mentioned, it is very cold. This has led to an “outage” in my area. My friends Tommy and Mark live a 3 minute walk from my apartment, they have had no issues with their Xfinity internet. Hmm, very interesting I think.

I hop onto Xfinity Customer Support Chat on my cellular device. Sidenote, my family is going to be irate with the amount of data I have been forced to use in the past 36 hours. Yes, I am still on a family plan. It’s just easier to pay mom each month. Anyways, I am informed by the Comcast rep that the outage will be fixed by 7:30pm. I am forced to use the spotty xfinity public wifi they offer. I am probably being watched by some weirdo as I type this since anyone has access to this. I get a text message yesterday at 12:50pm that my internet has been restored. Wonderful! I hop back on and what do ya know, the internet still doesn’t work. I hop back onto customer support using my cellular data and I am now informed that internet will be out until 11:05pm. The rest of the day is spent twiddling my thumbs.

I wake up this morning to the wonderful news that I can once again work from home. This is the adult equivalent to seeing your school scroll across the ticker for a snow day. I am elated. I stroll on out to my family room, fire up the laptop, and the internet of course does not work. I log back onto Comcast Support at 7:05am and the rep ensures me that he has checked on the back end. He says my internet will be up in no less than 2 hours. He made it seem like he had some top secret information so I believed him. I brave the -35 degree windchill and head to Starbucks for a few hours to do some work. Once it hits 9:30am, I finish my egg white, turkey bacon breakfast sandwich (summer is coming), and trudge back through the -35 degree windchill. I open up my computer and my internet still does not work. I check with Comcast Support once more and I was just told that this “outage” will be fixed by 2:38pm local time.

Will I get my internet back? Are they purposely doing this to me because I have Sling? Do they know I am trying to cut the chord to save money? Stay tuned folks!

P.S. Being an Xfinity customer service representative has to be an absolutely miserable job. You are consistently bombarded with problems that are completely out of your control. You would have to pay me close to $200k a year to take that job.

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