Jim Boylen Is Such An Egg Head


I previously ranted about how Gar/Pax need to go. I said Bulls fans should boycott. I honestly did not think it could get much worse for the Bulls. They had just created the leadership committee and Paxson stated everything was going great internally.

I was wrong, it has gotten much worse.

The Bulls are not only the laughing stock of the NBA, they are the most embarrassing franchise in all of sports.  The leader of this team may be the biggest egg head on the planet. It doesn’t help that his head literally looks like an egg. Jim Boylen has been running this team like a Division III football team. It truly is shocking that NBA athletes making millions of dollars don’t want to do push ups at practice. Zach LaVine finally spoke up about the head coach.

“Something is obviously wrong. We weren’t losing by double digits earlier in the season. We’re a better team now. And we’re getting blown out. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Wonderful. It is always a good sign when part of the future of the franchise is openly criticizing the head coach to the media. Zach LaVine is right. The Bulls have lost by 17 plus points NINE time in the 24 games Boylen has been head coach. The Bulls are 1-11 in 2019. Since firing Hoiberg the Bulls have gone from 29th to 30th in offense and 22nd to 25th in defense. Not to mention, Boylen has had a relatively healthy squad since taking over. Hoiberg was the one who had to give Cam Payne significant minutes.

Let’s get into a few of Boylen’s quotes just in the last few days. These are the words of an NBA coach remember:

Jim Boylen judges the team on how they practice and how they play. He doesn’t judge it on how much they lose by. Someone should tell Jimmy that how much you lose by is usually a direct correlation to how you play.

Once again, someone please tell Jim Boylen he is coaching the Chicago Bulls and not the Harper Hawks.

Who on this planet would want to come and play for this organization? Why would an NBA player want to come to a team where practice is run similar to a practice run by Coach Carter? No one wants to come play under Gar/Pax to start with. You are not making anything better for any potential free agent Jim!

This could be the worst quote of them all. The Bulls are a very young team. It is the coaches job to instill change. It is his job to ensure his young players are not openly bashing him to the media. It all starts with the coach. Young players need a good atmosphere. A large reason both the Cubs and Bears have seen recent success with a very young core is all because of the coach.

The Bulls have already extended Boylen for next season. The good news is he is only guaranteed $1 million next season. I cannot imagine a scenario where Gar/Pax actually bring him back after seeing the circus he has created in Chicago. Then again, this is Gar/Pax we are talking about. The two biggest bozos on Earth running a professional franchise. I told Bulls fans to boycott before. That isn’t the easiest thing, I know. How can I boycott a team that has the chance to get Zion Williamson? I actively root against the Chicago Bulls every single game and you should to. The Bulls will end up with a top 5 pick next season. If Boylen sticks around, it will truly be a shame. He will ruin a core with a lot of potential. A core that a premier free agent could boost to a top team in the East with time.

Gar/Pax, please just do the right thing for once. You two have made a couple decent decisions in your tenure, let’s get rid of football coach Jimmy.


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