Is It Time To Kick Humans To The Curb?


As most of you saw yesterday, the Saints were absolutely robbed of a Super Bowl berth by a bunch of humans dressed like zebras. Once again, the human element of refereeing messed up a very important sporting event. This also could be the NFL’s fault for not allowing any sort of reversal for a penalty but that is a different story.

My point here is I think it is probably time to kick humans to the curb. Yep, it is time to hand the reigns for referees over to robots. I mean look at this prototype built by my good friend Phil Carner. That thing has a tire on the bottom, whistle already in mouth, and judgmental eyes ready to go.

These human referees most likely get followed to their homes and have their lives threatened by unruly fans. People are insane. Next thing you know, a referee will be killed because of a call they made. We do not need sports in this country turning into soccer overseas. Robots will fix this all.

The people at Boston Dynamics have already created robots that can run and jump. Why not make some robots that can move all over a football field? It will be tough to get used to at first but I really think I am onto something here. Baseball has long considered it for the strike zone, it is time for other sports to jump on board. Rules are entirely too subjective, better to blame a piece of machinery than a human being. That’s what I always say.

The first go around will for sure have its kinks. We will most likely need to slowly incorporate one at a time. Similar to female referees, we can start slow. We can then put small RFID chips in pretty much everything. Toss them in pads, in the ball, sidelines, pylons, player’s shoes, player’s gloves, Matt Nagy’s visor, etc. From here, we can judge everything through these chips. Impact of hits, where feet land, if pads touch before glove touches ball, etc. It will take a bit to get everything technologically sound but with time this could work.

It is tough to imagine now, but imagine being a Saints fan right now. You only have so many more years of Drew Brees and a potential Super Bowl championship was snatched right from under your feet.

Think about it guys, think about it.

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