#BestForLast: Keeping Up With The Joneses


The dead of winter is upon us. Football season is just about over. Topics are hard to come by on this here website. I no longer have my Bears #TinThoughts to write about thanks to Cody Parkey. Thankfully for all of you folks, my mind is always thinking.

You see, usually I think of my blog post topics after work in the comfort of my own home. I can release my mind from the ground and really tap into those creative juices. So without further adieu, I give you #BestForLast.

What is #BestForLast you ask? Take a seat young fella, let me explain it to you. Each week, or whenever I feel like doing this, I am going to take a last name and rank the best people with that last name. Best for last, get it? Pretty clever, I know.

This week, I am going to start with Jones, hopefully this creates some chatter. Tweet at me with whomever I missed @TinTidwell.

Indiana Jones


Indiana Jones is a badass and an absolute legend of the game. Which game you ask? The game of mummies, skulls, and lost arks. That is what game. His outfit included every shade of brown ever created. He used whips and always seemed to end up finding whatever artifact his crusade set out for.

Julio Jones


This Atlanta Falcons wide receiver has simply produced year after year after year after year. He is one of the few receivers in the NFL who is not a diva. He shows up to work, puts his head down, and churns out 1,000+ yard seasons like it is job. Some people thought his production would fall off due to age and health concerns. You know what Julio went out and did this season? He led the league with 1,677 yards, averaged 104.5 ypg, had 113 catches, and scored 8 touchdowns. Won’t see anyone calling old Julio a decoy anytime soon folks!

Mike Jones 



James Earl Jones


One of the greatest voices in all of Hollywood. James Earl Jones has been stampeded by lions, knew Babe Ruth while owning a gigantic dog that terrorized a bunch of children, delivered one of the most famous movie lines in cinematic history about parenthood, and convinced a farmer that people will come watch baseball games in his corn field. Truly an incredible career.

Jim Jones


Jim Jones had a hot few seconds in the rap game. Stuntin Is A Habit and We Fly High are really the only two songs I know of his. Both of those songs were absolute jams. For the longest time, my voicemail on my phone started off with Jim Jones yelling “BALLLINNNNN”. 16 year old me spent probably an hour perfecting that voicemail and man did the ladies love it.

Rashida Jones


I get it, everyone hates Karen from the Office. She truly did nothing wrong. Everyone just loved Pam so much that instinctive hate was thrown towards Rashida Jones character. That is just wrong. I will say Ann Perkins may be the worst character in Parks and Rec, but we can look past that. Rashida Jones is one of few people on this planet that can pull off the bangs look. Good for you Rashida, keep up the good work.

Norah Jones


Not much to say about this angelic voice, I will send you all off with this….

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