Sadly, I Have Accepted The Inevitable


I feel you Bryce, I really feel you. I get it, I am very disappointed as well. I am not mad that it didn’t work out, just extremely disappointed. Disbelief would be another word to describe this pain. These are all of the feelings when I saw this tweet scroll across my timeline last night…

This entire offseason I thought Theo was playing his cards close to the chest. I always believed there was a big splash coming. Hell, I even wrote a blog about it to my millions of readers. I got floods of responses agreeing with me, telling me that Theo was going to pull the rabbit out of his hat any day now.

I refused to believe the money issues. I couldn’t fathom a team that prints out money daily could not afford a generational free agent. I thought Theo and the Ricketts family would realize this is their window. A competitive window that could close at any moment. Breaking the curse was nice, but this core only getting one World Series ring would be a god damn shame. I thought Theo would address an offense that struggled often last season. Hell, there was a report that the Cubs could not even afford another bullpen arm to strengthen another weakness on this team.

I am baffled and speechless. I understand there are budgets. I understand the luxury tax is a steep penalty. Who cares? Not me. If you are a fan, you should be very disappointed in how the Chicago Cubs have handled this offseason thus far. If you are one of the most valuable franchises in ALL OF SPORTS, you go out and spend when there is a generational talent available to add to your World Series caliber roster. The entire division is getting better and you are going to depend on the health of your current roster?!?!? You are much better than that Chicago Cubs, much better.

I know Bryce has yet to sign with a team. The Cubs could be playing a long con and have informed every single person in the organization to keep quiet about this. At this point, I don’t believe that to be the case but Theo Epstein likes to play chess while the rest of us play checkers. I fully expect Bryce Harper to be in Philadelphia next season. My dreams of my favorite player donning the colors of my favorite franchise have diminished. I have accepted this. I still have faith in Theo. I know he will make a big splash at the trade deadline if necessary. He knows what needs to be done to win in this league.

Tom Ricketts, you should be ashamed of yourself if you truly are not opening your check book. In today’s MLB rumor mill, you never really know what is true. I am going to believe there is more than meets the eye here because I really do like your family. You have given me a joy that I will never be able to repay. One should not be enough though. You have a chance to build a dynasty. Hopefully this gets your desk and you hand Theo a blank check this afternoon. Do what is right Tom, there is still time.

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