So What Should Kyler Murray Do Now?


Monday afternoon, Kyler Murray declared for the NFL Draft on the ol’ twitter machine. This does not mean he automatically will be heading to the NFL but it does clear up a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Heisman winner.

January 14th was the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft. Kyler Murray was simply keeping his options open by declaring for the NFL. The question still looms large, what should Kyler Murray do?

Everyone and their mother has an opinion on what the young star should do with HIS career. Some people have even gone as far to call him “selfish” and wished injury upon him. That just ain’t right folks!

Since everyone else has an opinion, I figured I should give mine as well. By now, you know the financials of this all. The A’s have committed $4.66 million to the Oklahoma quarterback. They drafted him with the 9th overall pick in last year’s MLB draft. They expected him to be a piece of their franchise they eventually would not be able to afford because they are the Oakland A’s. Since he is Kyler Murray, he eventually would have made it. He is a big name and all eyes would be on him until he made it to Oakland. Let’s not act like Kyler Murray would never make it to the pros and be stuck riding a bus from town to town for the rest of his life.

The biggest part of this all in my opinion is that he would be riding a bus for at least a good chunk of this season if not all year. 22 year old riding a bus from podunk town to podunk town eating peanut butter and jelly OR flying on NFL planes, eating the best food from some of the best chefs money can buy? Not to mention, he will have a fully guaranteed 4 year contract in the NFL. From the ages of 22 to 26 he will live a dream life that anyone that age would literally die for. The number 32 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft was guaranteed $8.1 million. That number is also most likely going to increase with the salary cap going up.

Everyone loves to talk about the money, how he won’t have as many long term physical issues playing quarterback, and how he may never make it to the MLB. The MLB will always be there for Kyler. A 26 year old, former top 10 pick will have teams knocking down his door for a minor league contract. Go to the NFL. Get $10+ million guaranteed money. Most importantly, enjoy every single thing that comes with being an NFL player. Those perks plus the money outweigh anything baseball can give you at this age. Even if Kyler did pick baseball, once the aura wore off no one will be staying up to watch the Oakland A’s play the Seattle Mariners on a Tuesday in July to watch your four at bats kid.

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