#TinThoughts: Let The Fun Begin


The Chicago Bears capped off the most memorable regular season in recent history on Sunday afternoon. They went up to Minnesoooota and beat the Vikings 24-10.

Mitch Trubisky once again played exactly how he needed to play. He created plays with his legs, converted key third downs, and most importantly did not turn the ball over one time. He has grown a lot since week 1. He made a B-E-A-Utiful deep throw to Taylor Gabriel to his left to silence all his dumb doubters. The haters, of which there are many, have been searching in every nook and cranny to nitpick the weaknesses of QB1. He has been able to silence pretty much every single one of them throughout the season. He definitely has room to grow but overall you have to be happy with what you have seen throughout the season from Mr. Trubisky.

Can we take a second to appreciate Jordan Howard? Every week it seems like people want him traded. People complain that he doesn’t fit Nagy’s system. The man eats up yards for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and toss on dessert as well. The Bears leaned on him throughout the game and he delivered with 109 yards and two trips to the zone at the end of the field. I think the Bears should seriously consider keeping Howard moving into next season. Make him more of a focal point of this offense, it will only help Mitch out. It will give the oft used Tarik Cohen more rest throughout the grueling season. It only helps the Bears control the clock. I just don’t see a replacement out there that can do the job as well as #24 does. Time to start the movement #KeepJordanHoward.

One person who the Bears should not keep, Cody Parkey. What an absolute bum. He has not been awful this season but he could end up costing the Bears when it matters most. That is what terrifies me. I would not trust Cody Parkey to hit an extra point if the game was tied with no time on the clock. Let’s just hope it never comes down to that bozo.

Other than that, the game was rather uneventful. What a 2018 regular season campaign from your Chicago Bears folks. The Bears eliminated both the Packers and Vikings from the postseason. They won the NFC North and won 12 games for the first time since 2006. They proved they can hang with the elite teams in the NFL and should be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. They now go into the postseason as one of the most feared teams in the league. Sure, Nick Foles and the Eagles are red hot but I don’t think the Bears have too much to worry about. I expect them to steam through Philly, go out to LA and beat the Rams, and then who knows what happens down in the Bayou. Strap up Bears fans, this should be a fun ride.

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