Can’t Miss Christmas Classics


I am a big Christmas guy, always have been. My family has treated Christmas like the Super Bowl for as long as I can remember. The house is decorated like Santa’s workshop, Christmas music is on, the tree is decorated, the mood is very high throughout the Christmas season. I should say trees, plural. My parents get three real Christmas trees for my family home. Three! That should give you a good idea on how important Christmas has been in my life.

I have realized there are a couple songs and movies that I absolutely have to listen to and watch during the Christmas season. I will fill you in on the songs later this week but for now I will cover the couple Christmas movies that are must watch every December.

Christmas Vacation


I recently wrote a troll headline saying Christmas Vacation Isn’t As Good As Everyone Says. Christmas Vacation is the Michael Jordan of Christmas movies. It does not get any better. There hasn’t even been a LeBron to really challenge this movie since it came out. The Griswolds are your perfect American family. Their families coming together creates fantastic chaos. Clark just wants to enjoy everything the holiday brings, apparently that is too much to ask in the Griswold household.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Jim Carrey absolutely knocks this role out of the park. I sometimes forget he is the one actually playing The Grinch. He encompasses the lunacy of the Grinch to perfection. Live action remakes of cartoons are very hit or miss, especially if they aren’t done by Disney. This was a big hit, not to mention it contains one of my can’t miss Christmas songs. Lastly, I don’t blame the Grinch for just hanging out at Mount Crumpit for all that time. Whoville is absolute madness. He has Max, his recliner, and peace and quiet. Not much more you can ask for in this world.

Home Alone 1 & 2


This is the only Christmas movie that has even come in contention with Christmas Vacation. The reason I don’t think it really competes is because I can watch Home Alone at any time in the year. The pranks Kevin McCallister pulls on Marv and Harry should not be enjoyed just one month of the year. I still laugh out loud at this movie even after seeing it countless times. This also is one of the few series where I think the sequel is better than the original. Kevin somehow knows how to rig his Uncle’s under renovation house to perfection. He also gets away with using his dad’s credit card at the fanciest hotel in New York. Sure, it isn’t the most realistic flick on Earth but not every joy in life is based in reality.

The Santa Clause 


The Santa Clause is actually my favorite Christmas movie. I have a fun fact about this movie for all you folks at home. Originally, Scott Calvin actually shoots and kills Santa while on his roof because he thinks it is a burglar. Obviously, Disney decided that may be a bit aggressive so they decided to go another route. While Scott Calvin absolutely dominates this movie, there is actually another actor who steals the show: Scotts’ ex wife’s new husband Neil. He has some dynamite lines and absolutely stunning sweaters throughout the movie. Perfect name for a dorky character as well…Neil. Keep an eye out for those sweaters next time you watch, they are en fuego.

Those are my can’t miss Christmas flicks. Honorable mention would go to Jingle All The Way. Anytime you give Arnold Schwarzenegger that many lines, it is going to be an unintentionally hilarious movie. His accent saying Turbo Man doll just brings a smile to my face. Lastly, little hot take before I send you on your way. Elf is the most overrated Christmas movie there is. Yep, not a big fan.

Merry Christmas folks!

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