#TinThoughts: Kings Of The North


What a sweet, sweet victory Monday it is for Chicagoans on this brisk December morning. The Chicago Bears are your 2018 NFC North Champions. The Green Bay Packers have been eliminated from playoff contention. The tides have officially turned in the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry. How sweet it is folks.

Mitch Trubisky shook off all the doubters who were ready to jump on him with another poor performance. He proved the Rams game was mostly rust performing well up standards Sunday afternoon in Soldier Field. Mitch extended multiple plays with his feet, made very few poor throws, and most importantly managed the game exceptionally. When the Bears were put up against the 8 ball after a poor playcall by the head ball coach, QB1 lead his troops down the field to put his team up 7 in the 4th quarter. If Mitch can play exactly like he did on Sunday, there is no reason this team cannot march to Atlanta in February.

The defense continued to prove its dominance. Khalil Mack came in and decided the best way to take Aaron Rodgers down was with his behind. The defense sacked the face of State Farm 5 times on Sunday. The esteemed insurance spokesman’s interception streak also ended at the hands of none other than Eddie Jackson (please be okay). I could not be more proud of Leonard Floyd. I harped and harped that he needed to do better, he has stepped up to the plate and knocked it right out onto Waveland. Six tackles and two sacks for the Georgia Bulldog. I love this defense. You love this defense. It truly feels so good to have a dominant defense back in Chicago, all is right in the world once again.

Now, it was not all sunshine and rainbows. Aaron Rodgers was given a few opportunities to crush hearts once again. He was given these opportunities by the head coach of the Chicago Bears. I am not sure if I have echoed it on these airwaves but Matt Nagy has a little Joe Maddon in him. Sometimes he likes to get just a bit too cute. There is a time and place to be aggressive. Up by 8, at midfield, late in the 3rd quater is not one of those times. Matthew, you know that fake punt call was not right my friend. There is zero reason to give Aaron Rodgers a short field to tie the game. Bears fans know this all too well, why must you create unnecessary drama?!?! Not to mention, running the ball up the middle on a fake punt? That makes no sense in my mind. I am no football guru but the defense is going to rush the punter up the middle to block the punt anyways. I have another issue with a play call by Matt Nagy. 3rd and 1, deep in Packer territory, and Nagy calls a run option with Cohen taking the snap. Cohen obviously fumbles the ball, the Packers take over. This was a chance to put up some more points. Why not let Mitch run that exact same play? He knows how to hand the ball off, he also knows how to keep the ball and rush to the outside. I love the aggressiveness from Nagy for the most part. I would much rather have this play calling than the boring, mundane offense Dowell Loggains called just a year ago. Let’s just be a little smarter with that moving forward Coach, thanks.

Let’s take a quick second to relish in this all. The Bears finished in last place in the NFC North last season. Their team was a joke. Ryan Pace made some YUGE moves this offseason to put this team in the position that it currently is in. Yesterday’s win felt a lot like the Cubs 2015 NLDS victory against the St. Louis Cardinals. For years, the Cardinals beat down on the Cubs. For years, the Packers have put their genitalia all over the Chicago Bears. Not anymore folks! This is the Bears division now. Aaron Rodgers is old, he showed that by missing more open receivers than the “inaccurate” Mitch Trubisky. They don’t have a head coach. Bears fans are all too used to the Packers being the one to knock the Bears out of the playoffs. The Chicago Bears won the NFC North and knocked the Packers out of playoff contention on Soldier Field. I cannot type that enough. Really soak it in. This is a fantastic time to be a Bears fan. In Chicago, we aren’t used to success when it comes to sports. When it finally comes. it is important to revel in the moment. The Bears have their core under contract for years to come. From here on out, the NFC North belongs to the Chicago Bears.

Looking forward, the Bears actually have a shot to get a chance at a bye and home field advantage in the playoffs. With the Rams coming down to Earth, they are only one game behind them for the #2 spot in the NFC. The Saints are on the road tonight against the Panters. With a loss, the Bears will be 1 game out of the #1 spot in the NFC. The Rams are in Arizona and back at home vs. the 49ers to end out the season. The Saints have two games at home against the Steelers and Panthers. With a little love and luck, the Bears could have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs since they own both tiebreakers. Imagine the NFC having to come through Bear weather to reach Atlanta….

Lastly, no need to screenshot the standings anymore. I’ll send you out with Charles Leno Jr., member of the 2018 NFC North Champion Chicago Bears, proposing to his girlfriend after the game had ended.

Bear. Down.

2 thoughts on “#TinThoughts: Kings Of The North

  1. With all the shade you throw on Robinson when are you going to acknowledge Kevin White has a $5.27M cap hit….Makes Allen’s contract look like a steal πŸ€”


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