Bulls Fans,There’s Only One Thing Left To Do


I was ready to give them another chance. I am sure if you scrolled through my Twitter feed you would find that I was actually supporting these two bozos. I liked the roster they had assembled and I could see the future. I thought building around a core of Wendell Carter, Lauri Markkanen, and Zach Lavine was a fantastic start. I convinced myself that if these two morons could get one more premier player then this team could eventually compete in the East. I have a confession to make.

I was wrong.

I tend to be optimistic at times, especially when it comes to sports. I hated everything Gar/Pax did to the Derrick Rose era Bulls and I was all for running them out of town. I loved when fans put a billboard up in Chicago calling for their heads.

I have written about my faith in Theo Epstein. I think Ryan Pace is becoming a fantastic GM himself. I have the utmost faith in both of those two. Take all that faith, go in the complete opposite direction, drive off a cliff, then sink to the core of the Earth, and there you will find how much faith I have in Gar/Pax.

Bulls fans, it is time to boycott. It truly is the only option. Old man Reinsdorf cares about one thing, the bottom line. The Chicago Bulls are the 4th most valuable franchise in the NBA behind the Knicks, Lakers, and Warriors. Jerry Reinsdorf doesn’t care about the product on the court, why should he? He is an 82 year old man that watches his net worth climb day after day.

Stop watching. Stop buying merchandise. Stop showing up to games. Stop caring. It is easier said that done but it is the only option.

After this chaotic week for the Chicago Bulls, John Paxson has the balls to come out and say this…

Are you kidding me dude? You have been with the Bulls for 15 years and have not made the NBA Finals one god damn time. This storied franchise has now become the laughing stock of the entire NBA. I could do a deep dive on just how much he has fucked up but I could never do it as well as Ricky O’Donnell of SB Nation did here.

As long as these two are at the helm, the Chicago Bulls will never win an NBA Championship. What free agent is going to want to come to a franchise where the front office spies on you? They got extremely lucky with Jimmy Butler and completely ran him out of town. For God’s sake, an NBA franchise now has a leadership committee. A leadership committee! Jim Boylen has been with this team since 2015 and he still doesn’t know which players are leaders. What on Earth is going on?!?!?

How can you trust these two buffoons moving forward? They have literally driven this franchise into the ground. I’ve had enough. You’ve had enough. Chicago has had enough. It sucks because I love the NBA and I no longer even have a team I can proudly cheer for. It sucks because I do still think the pieces are there. I think the core of this franchise could be something down the line. The problem is it’s only a matter of time before the dynamic duo of John Paxson and Gar Forman run the future out of town as well.


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