Christmas Vacation Isn’t As Good As Everyone Says


Everyone loves Christmas Vacation. You will be hard pressed to find a single human being that slanders Clark Griswold. It truly is the staple of Christmas movies in America. Families across the country gather around the TV to laugh as Cousin Eddie pulls up to the house in his piece of trash trailer. I feel like people are afraid to give their true feelings about the movie if they aren’t crazy about it. Well folks, I have something I would like to share regarding Christmas Vacation…


Christmas Vacation is not as good as everyone thinks it is….it is better.


Yep, this is the definition of a clickbait headline. I am doing a little test just to see if people care about what is written. People click on articles for the headlines and that is a damn shame. If I sat here and wrote a bunch of scalding hot takes, I would get traffic through the roof!

That is not what we stand for here at Stay Tuned Folks. This was simply a test. Christmas Vacation is a top 3 Christmas movie of all time and I will hear no other opinions. Thank you for clicking, I promise this will not be a regular occurrence. Well if it gets people to click I may start writing scalding hot take headlines followed by my true thoughts that do not echo the headline one bit.

I will have my top 5 Christmas movies sometime next week. I know you are all dying to hear what the Tin man watches every holiday season.

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